Quick announcements!

Hello folx!

Quick announcements:

  1. I dropped off FIVE woo work gift certificates to Triumph cafe, local here in Portland, Oregon! They will be selling for CASH only. The certificates are set at this sliding scale price: $60, $90, and $120….. These are set sliding scale prices aligned to creating more flow with sustenance of my livelihood income. This is a test drive to feel out how the supply/demand shall be during this winter holyday season. Im excited and super grateful to Emily, the owner of Triumph cafe, for her generous support and bringing in more of a community feel with this opportunity! Triumph cafe is located at SE 12th Ave.

2. I’m looking into the possibility of adding a second choice of online payment for international customers who are interested in my services and aren’t able to use Square Cash.

3. I will be vending my woo work services at a Yule/Winter Solstice event in early December 2015! I’m excited and honored to be a returning vendor and partaking with the organization: Other Worlds of Wonder (the event host). The dates are: December 5th and 6th, 2015. Please go to OWOW’s website for all the event details…. www.OWOW.org.

4. Gentle reminder: If you feel called to send a donation in support of my woo work offerings and blog site, then please do two things – click on the donations button (yellow color button) on the home page and contact me at my woo work email: heartofoak8@gmail.com to let me know, please. That will be greatly appreciated and assist me with streamlining the financial flow in a harmonious balance. Thankees you in advance! Much appreciation!

5. This week is a highly charged Cosmic energy week and weekend… with the full moon in Gemini tomorrow (Wednesday), Saturn/Neptune square, and the un-American Genocide day/Thanksgiving on Thursday. Be gentle on your selves, amp up on your self care practices, honor your needs, and it’s super important to get really clear on exactly what’s truly needed vs what you think is needed for this week/weekend. Be compassionate, kind, and gentle on your selves and with others. Don’t force anything. Be aware of where your boundaries are and allow yourselves to reframe any if need be. It is more than important to give yourself that permission to be who truly you are and not to be who you think that people want you to be or should be. True authenticity and vulnerability are SO important and essential, especially right now. Speaking your authentic truth is powerful. Own it in the best empowering way you can.

I will write another post later this week.

Blessings be!

-mr. Thorne

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