Quick check in – new moon in cancer – 15 July 2015

Hello folx!

Just a short checkin! I’ve been taking some space away due to having just gotten back to Portland this recent Sunday night late as well as this current new moon in cancer has been flowing deep and strong. Many powerful currents, tides, ebbs, and flows have been felt.

A lot is unfolding within my inner landscape and how that is shifting. My recent journey taken to the east coast – to Toronto, Canada and to New York State – it was truly worth it. So much happened. I’m grateful for the abundance and possibilities that have made their selves known to me. I met some new friends and spent much needed time with specific folx. Amazing to see how Magick is ever so present!

Right now, I’m just taking time to sit with many things. It’s about being, not doing, right now. It’s about feeling into rather than analyzing. It’s about letting what’s down deep within the self to come to surface and let them speak in whatever ways they choose to show themselves.

For me, the Ancestors have been very close and present with me. Ever more close and present now than before ever that I’ve experienced their presences with me. Very interesting.

More thoughts will be shared soon.

For now – blessings of this new moon in cancer!
– mr. Thorne

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