Quick checkin!

Hi folx!!

The square reader thingy for making in- person payments has arrived in the post mail for me! I’m excited to try this since it’ll be a new way of technology streamlining in the financial sense with my woo work!

I’ll truly appreciate y’all’s patience with me as I learn how to do this 😉

On a different note, my cosmic map is shifting to then east coast as I’m headed out there this week, Wednesday! They’re having a harsh beginning to spring by having the last blow of winters cold, the Calleach Bheara before She transforms into the Maiden again…

I’m headed to Washington DC for a couple days (4th-9th or so-ish march)…. Then New York and possibly VT are calling too…. still feeling it out….

I’m excited to be offering some of my work during one, if not two evenings, woo work related space while in Washington DC. Very exciting!

I’ll be returning back to the west coast -directly to California then start trekking north back to Portland later this month-march…. Currently, I don’t know where I’ll be for spring equinox …. Tho, I intend to do
something to mark that wheels turning!

a bit of astro woo info:  this week, the full moon is happening in Virgo. More info can be found – www.danielleblackwood.com, www.mysticmamma.com, www.moonkissd.com, www.bigskyastrology.com, www.virgomagic.com….

There’s a few others I can recommend including James Panther, a radical faerie brother/friend of mine. He does amazing astro chart reads!


More  news later!

mr. Thorne


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