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my travels up North were wonderful and much needed on different sides. I’m glad I took this trip; feeling grateful for what has transpired and now looking forward to what this week/weekend holds ahead of me. I’ll be focusing on both Naraya preparations as well as my bday/solar return camp out plans. Yes, that’s right! My solar return say is next week, Monday (moon’s day)… June 8th!

ive definitely been in a deep contemplative space considering many things, letting what needs to be released, honoring that, and contemplating on what this next solar return year cycle may bring…. I keep finding that I can’t shake off the feeling that this coming solar return year cycle will be a BIG one, a Deep powerful one. I’ve been sitting with that feeling and I’m feeling more comfortable with that than before when I first realized that I was feeling that. Mmmm.

What a way to start turning 37 humyn years by going direct into Naraya gathering space right after my solar return camp out?! The theme for Naraya this year is whale medicine…. It will definitely be a very interesting Naraya I feel….

this will be my 3rd time Dancing at the Naraya. Third time’s the charm I’m feeling for this one then perhaps a break for a while until I feel Spirit calling me to return back to Naraya space… See see… Still feeling that out…

For more info about the Naraya – if you’re curious – www.danceforallpeople.com

The gates are all closed for the wolf creek Naraya Dance as of current. im curious to see who will be there at this Naraya!


Whale medicine:

magickal attributes: the sea, music, long life, family, friends, trust. Developing psychic and telepathic abilities. Using sound and music to balance and heal. Learning new magick. Working with Elemental magick.

(Source: book “animal magick the art of recognizing and working with familiars” by D.J. Conway)


Whale teaches us to connect with our intuition and our instincts and shows us  by its peaceful, non-aggressive nature that gentleness can be powerful, that it does not diminish our inner strength. Whale, the oldest mammal, is said to come from Sirius, the Dog Star, and is known to be the keeper of the akashic records.

Some Native American traditions revere Whale as a messenger from the Great Spirit; by beaching and dying in the media spotlight, it is thought that Whale wants to wake us up to the need to take better care of our planet if we want to survive. Whale’s sonar helps us to tap into the hidden areas of our being. The days Jonah spent inside Whale can be a message to us to go inside ourselves and awaken our creativity. Whale enabled the Native Peoples in the Far North to survive in an inhospitable climate by providing food and skins for clothing; it teaches us to be practical as well as spiritual and intuitive.

Whale’s songs and frequencies balance our emotions, and the sounds of its clicking and calling are often used to calm troubled minds. This is the song of the Great Spirit; when we learn to sing along we are on the way to a deep sense of healing.

If you possess whale medicine, you are a healer and a guardian of the earth. Your intuitive feelings are very often correct and when you really listen and follow them, then everything around you works out for the best.

(Source: book “discovering your spirit animal the wisdom of the shamans” by Lucy Harmer)


Thats my thoughts for now… I’ll write more soon. Blessings be!

Mr. Thorne

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