Quick checkin!

Hello folks!

lots has been moving and shifting since I last wrote on here. Some exciting news! I will be purchasing the web hosting/domain for Spirit Oracle’s new website very soon…. It’ll be early November! It’s been quite a process and I couldn’t have gotten this far without the amazing support of my web designer and friend, Filipe Fonesca!

In other news, I will be leaving Portland (Oregon) for southern Oregon; wolf creek, to be exact. Why? To celebrate Samhain gathering with my tribe and to be out in the woods for at least 4-ish days/nights…. I can’t wait!

my phone will be off and not in use during 30th oct til 4th-ish nov. Please keep that in mind. Thankees for your patience in advance with that.

After Samhain gathering is done, I’ll be trekking northwards thru Eugene, Portland, Olympia, and Tacoma.. I’ve got a woo work gig in Tacoma during the 7th nov. I’m excited for this! Right now, it’s not clear yet if I will travel further north past Tacoma at this point. Though, I do know I will be returning south to portland for a couple days, then quite possibly headed south to the Bay Area in Cali area- later in nov…. See see… An update will be posted when more details come thru after Samhain.

With all that said, blessed and magickal Samhain!! See y’all in the new year!

mr. Thorne

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