**** quick FPSA (Faerie Public Service Announcement) ****

******* Quick FPSA (Faerie Public Service Announcement)

Just a gentle reminder:

Please do not promote your services, business/personal pages, etc unless there’s been a previous checkin with me prior to your sharing publicly in this website.

It is understood that this website is run by me and for me to provide updates, etc about my events, woo work services, etc. Please respect and be aware of that.

I reserve complete autonomy to delete any posts that don’t resonate and/or align unless if theres already been a prior checkin between me and the person who would like to share their info.

I will share other folx info/pages at times due to different factors: resonating with their thoughts/work, accessibility for resources/networking/community, and/or in similar contexts.

At the end of the day/evening, this magicky website space is run by me and only me. So, please respect that and honor my boundaries here in this, both professionally and personally.

I share this with a open heart and honoring my needs to be clear with boundaries. No intention to harm at all.
Thankees you!

Many gratitudes, appreciations, and thankees you for taking time to read this.


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