*** quick pdx to seattle to pdx trip this wkend ***

**** hey portland (pdx) folx! ****
Ive gotta make a quick last minute trip up/down to/from pdx to seattle and back to pdx this weekend~

Never fear…. when im back in pdx, most likely sunday, if not Saturday this weekend… if yall are still into manifesting a woo work reading pre-Samhain as part of your preps… then please do feel welcome to book a session with me!

Im available for pre-Samhain readings/sessions up til october 31st around the Portland metro area.

Do you have a party or event thats happening and need a magicky reader for your event? Please contact me ASAP and lets discuss!!

My woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

Also: ill be outta the pdx area during 1st November til mid-ish November on travels. Please keep in mind ~ if and when im not busy on travels, then i may be available for long distance sessions. Please do inquire first with me if thats the case. Thankees and much appreciation!

Blessings and see you round those magicky realms,

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