Quick update

Exciting news!!!

the domain name AND web hosting has been paid for re. my new woo work website! It’s really exciting yet a bit surreal that this whole process is almost done….. Wow! I’m mega grateful for my UK friend, Filipe Fonesca and his amazing tech savvy ness! I can’t imagine doing this without his wonderful support! The lanch of my new website will take place sometime during the second week of December 2014! When I get word of the site being all set to be launched, then I will be sure to update y’all on here!

thankees you for the patience with this long process; it’s much much appreciated!

On a different note:

I’ve been in CA for a couple days now… Much needed on many different levels! Much indeed has been shifting internally for me. I’m excited to share some of these things as the timings unfold for that. I’ll be trekking northwards back towards OR this weekend. Once I’m back in the Portland area -after having a few days of decompression – I will be available for booking appts/sessions.

And! Please don’t forget….. There are gift certificates (my woo work services) still available at ritual arts body piercing and tattoo shop! Tomorrow is but local, shop local Satyrday! Consider supporting a community oriented traveller healer fellow such as I during this weekend! Cash only for purchase of certificates, many many thankees and gratitude in advance!

More soon!

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