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Hello folx!

so much goodness has happened already today! sunlight, free wifi with coffee purchase, one reading done and one other reading already requested for, a new space for storing some of my stuff, money manifesting via post mail arrivals, etc… just a bit of whats been happening today via communications and such. much much gratitude for this!

the cafe ive been hanging out at this afternoon is metronome coffee here in tacoma, washington. its a nice lil cafe, good for focusing and getting some productivity to happen. plus, i had a yummy breakfast egg+cheddar bagel as a mid afternoon snack, yum!

It felt important to include both pictures in this post. why? the gnome, its a magical creature of earth and im wearing gnome socks today. hehe. Both felt aligned and a good sign for today… and! gnomes are clever ones, bringing minerals and other powerful things out of the earth into tangible form. this felt like a physical reminder that its all about the small steps right now and remembering to be in the present moment. appreciating what i can get done right now and not worrying or borrowing trouble so to speak.

This is essential as a gentle reminder as the planet mars is gearing up to turn retrograde as well as mercury too. When mars turns retrograde, its about tuning into the internal flow and looking at whats not being served or how the warrior/hunter/warrioress/huntress energies are needing to be worked with in a better, constructive, proactive way rather than giving into the shadow, low vibration energies. This is a great opportunity to take a second look at choices, decisions, and patterns that weve put in motion and reassess deeper if theyre what we REALLY know and feel to resonate aligned with the paths we envision into manifesting ahead.

For example, im grateful for everything that occured during my recent chicago trip, yes indeed… yet at the same time, im returning back to portland, oregon this weekend and im being given a opportunity to both recoup and to reassess how to do certain things while im in portland. The Universe brought into alignment a new space for me to store some of my things since it was time for me to move those things from a place where ive been storing them and someone offered some of their space as part of energy exchange for a reading they requested of me for another friend of theirs. It never ceases to surprise me how the Universe brings things into alignment like that. I LOVE it!!

Also, ive been learning how to LOVE retrograde cycles rather than feel rubbed the wrong way or like im swimming against the tides of these retrograde cycles. I re-read a quote which i had shared on facebook a few years ago – it was a good reminder in how theres three ways to move: 1) swim against the tide and feel tired, 2) tread water and sink, or 3) let go, float, go with the tide into where the directions will take the tide…. it reminded me that it is ok to let go and trust, knowing im held by the Universe as i embark on this new turn into the tides of my journeying path ahead…. even if its currently unknown completely where i will relocate to….

One thing i DO know for sure as of right now: Chicago (as a city) has charmed me and ive enjoyed our dates from this recent trip even if some intense moments happened and that happens in any relationship. Im looking forward to how DC, NY and other spots on the east coast will offer their charms as i date these cities then decide hopefully by june or so-ish with my next move for relocation. Fingers crossesd!

I will be bouncing between tacoma, WA and portland, OR this weekend due to sleep space and my attending both the Northwest Magic Conference as well as being honored with the opportunity to return-as-practioner to Other Worlds of Wonders healer fair event. Im excited to see how that will unfold this weekend.

With that said, i need to go for the moment. Gotta drive up to Seattle, WA for tonight and then tomorrow: Portland bound. Im grateful for all the goodness thats unfolded today and curious to see what magics are still in store to happen tonight.

Passover is coming up soon in the midst of all the deep intense big cosmic sky activity happening this month. I will write a post about Passover within the next several days.

Blessings be and til soon,

Mr. Thorne


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