Resiliency and Resistance ~ words from Rain Crowe ~

I believe in your rooted resilience, even if overwhelm comes stealthy and sideways.
I believe in your bold heart and bright spirit, even when you feel timid and dim.
I believe in you, and you can borrow my confidence til it flows freely from within you once more, because we are in it together.
We have to lift each other up, not rip each other up-cause that is resistance too.
Love always-

credit: Rain Crowe


Im sharing these words onwards from a dear tribe, friend, and colleague ~ they wrote these powerful, heartening, Spirit filled words. Please take these to heart and know you are NOT alone in this current world upheaval and intensity. I See you. I Feel you. Im sending LOVE and Compassion to you. Please know this is Sanctuary for you.

Blessings, Blissings, and Love!

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