**** Sagittarius Full Moon, part one ****

Hello folx,

~ Tis the Sagittarius Full Moon night !! ~

Sagittarius is the third of the three Fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The archetypes represented with Sagittarius are these: the scholar, the adventurer, the wanderer, the seeker, the traveller, the wiser Fool, and more.

I feel that many are familiar with the young Fool as shown in the rider-waite tarot deck. However, many are remiss in flipping the coin and looking deeper to the other side of this: the wiser Fool aspect.

The wiser Fool, i feel, is about both the mastery of skills and lessons as well as the application of these said mastered lessons and skills.

Mastery of skills and lessons can be seen in the human realms …. how so? High school, college, and university graduations, degrees conferred, and honors given. In a similar way, Spiritual Mastery can be seen in the forns of ritual, ceremony, rites of passage and even initiations.

Application of skills and lessons is essential as well. This can be seen in HOW of the mastery is manifested.


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Blessings be and i look forward to holding space with yall ~~~

Mr. Thorne

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