Samhain, Ancestors, Gifts of witches new year….

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Samhain, the portal that welcomes in Winter! We are officially now in the turnings of the Darkening and Deepening…. Ireland – County Meath, to be exact, if memory serves proper –  is the birthplace of how Samhain came about into being celebrated. Halloween aka All Hallows’ Eve didn’t come into manifest until it originated in Boston, Massachusetts – here in America.

I saw a video sharing this summary of history behind Samhain and Halloween expressed in ASL (American Sign Language) via Facebook – social media. I thiught it to be interesting, why? I knew Halloween didn’t originate in Ireland and it started here in America. I didn’t realize it-Halloween started in Boston; though, it does make sense since there was a huge presence of the Irish in Old Boston.

This Samhain portal has been very deep on many levels; a lot of realizations, releasing, grief, joy, warm moments, the space of witnessing, renewal, healing, death, rites of passage among many others have streamed in for me. I didn’t do much any BIG ritual or ceremony this time around. It was different for me in that as well as in deciding instead to do small observances here and there. I’ve noticed during this portal that  the small observances feel much more powerful, magic filled, and sustaining right now.

Ive been blessed with the gifts of this Astrology book as well as holding space, giving witness, and being there for specific folx in my community at this time. This Cancer moon has been in full flow this whole weekend – and it reflected a lot in who I’ve been choosing to connect with and/or hold space with during this time. It also has been showing me who I do not feel good giving support with and/or needing to reframe specific relationships including community related spaces.

Today is 1st November. In Mexican culture, it is known as Dia de Los Muertos…. The Day of the Dead. They go all out on this Day in their culture. Sugar skulls, ofrendas, and marigold flower decorations are a few of the symbols connected with this sacred day.

Saint Muerte is the patron being that is honored and revered. Many LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) folx have their own relationship with this particular patron. Many reasons are for that, including the Plague that happened in the 80’s with AIDS.

The Ancestors have been very strong and flowing in BIG time especially right now. The Grandmothers and Grandfathers have been felt by me in deep ways with my current unfolding path. Not only that, also the  Collective Ancestors been felt by me too. Their call has been very strong with me to the point where I’ve said yes to going on sacred pilgrimage in Spring 2016 to Europe!

I plan to do ceremony with the Collective Ancestors and Spirits of the Land – in each place that I will go visit and connect with – there in Europe. Iceland is the first place I will start in then go with the flow from there. The UK (United Kingdom) is also part of that scenario. If you feel called to support me in whatever way with that upcoming Journey, then I wholeheartedly accept and welcome the support.

It is very clear I will need support of all kinds including host-stay places, access to sacred places, reasonable prices for transport, and so forth. More will be shared on this in the coming months.

This is one of several exciting changes brewing in my personal and professional cauldrons, Life-wise. Yayeee!!

More news to come soon ?

Happy November beginning and Blessed Ancestors Day,

-mr. Thorne

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