Samhain and changes afoot!!


its the witches new year! Already been feeling the tides and energies moving big time for this 🙂 I’m going to be on the Land (wolf creek radical faerie sanctuary) for the gathering -during 29th oct til 2nd-ish November…. After Samhain, I will be slipping into full on traveling season…. Heading northwards from wolf creek with maybe a stop in Portland, then continuing north to Tacoma, with a stop in Olympia on the way. I’m providing readings as part of an event that’s taking place in Tacoma during the 7th of  November ! More details on that soon! I’m excited for that opportunity coming up…. Wheee!

With the remaining time I’ve got here in Portland, it’s to focus on packing up, etc and spending time w dear ones here before heading into Samhain then full on traveling season! It’s a bit bittersweet yet feel right to b closing up many things here portland wise even if some of these things may not be easy. Im finding that if I continue to remind myself that it is in the letting go, the dying of things and such, I’m feeding into opening and birthing a brand new cycle…. Big powerful intense stuff.

More of a update soon. With love and light,

mr. Thorne

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