*** Samhain *** Cerridwen, Welsh Dark Mother ***

Lady of Magick, Dark Mother, Cerridwen – Keeper of the Cauldron of our transformation, we invoke you this night. At the ends of the year, as the nights grow colder and the veil between the worlds grows thin, our thoughts turn toward our Ancestors. Beloved ones who have gone before us, grant us guidance during this time of world evolution from the Age of Patriarchy to the new age of rebirthing equality for all women, men, plants, rocks, and animals.

Cerridwen, as we peer into your Cauldron, show us images, symbols, and feelings of transfiguration. Conjure silver, navy, black of night, and touch our hearts and instincts with the power of reflection. We observe our past, our present with discernment and compassion. We see the connection energies that bind us and our actions to our community, our world, and we open to vision and insight for moving forward into a new time.

Swaying with the touch of Ancestral Knowledge, we know that death cycles to rebirth. Lady of mystery and divination, teach us foresight; shaping and shifting, bring energy of the transformative Chrysalis/Cauldron into our lives. Lady of Magick, we wise women honor you on this deep dark night.*

(N. Lynnae Sutton, Mother Tongue Ink, 2011)

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