Samhain, Scorpio solar returns, Ancestors’ Day….


These gift certificates are all ready to be personalized and ordered by you lovely folx…. Especially with the Samhain/All Halloween eve, Ancestors’ Day/Dias de la Muerte/Day of the Dead, and Scorpio solar return cycles-birthday portals ALL beckoning ever so soon…… 😉

There are FIFTEEN of these available. They’re selling for $60, $90, and $120. The money value is well worth it! Trust me on it …. absolute magic unfolds with the readings/sessions I hold with clients. You shall not regret it, ever.

The returning clients – I so so so appreciate you and your interest, support, and investment with my services. It’s a honor and joy to service you always!

New clients – you are in for a treat indeed!

So…. Let’s get both the Abundance and Magick flowing! How so? There’s two ways….

  1. fill out a order form via my woo work website:
  2. contact me directly via gmail:

I’m looking forward to working wonderful magicks with you!

Cheers and Slainte,

-mr. Thorne

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