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You are of worth. You are of value. You deserve to live the life YOU want to be living, not the life you think you should be living. You are worthy. You are deserving of everything you desire AND more!

Today is the 19th of January. The number #9 resonates with the vibration of both a old cycle dying and a new cycle birthing within each other. For more abundance and free flow of energy, there needs to be releasing, letting go, and reframing spaces. This can be applied virtually to any and every aspect of life.

Sarah Prout wrote an amazing article about the alchemy of abundance today. I read it via her Facebook link which led to her website. Such good reminders and information there! Go and read it if you can! Her website: www.sarahprout.com… It’s definitely worth the time spent on her website! I find so much encouragement and affirmation every time I’m on there.

It is totally valid to feel hesitation and anxiety about letting go and making new spaces. If the clearing out isn’t done, then old stories and energy that’s no longer serving ones self piles up like dust balls. Ugh. Does that feel good? Not really….

A shift is needed and recognized.

Just like how the body physically works it’s immune system while experiencing illness, the same goes for the energy and emotional bodies. They need to be cleared out so there can be a flow happening in a good way. Healing can happen if ones self is willing to take time, give self love and care to the body, giving permission for a different rhythm to occur, letting the body do its work and trusting it will heal. This is the same kind of process for the energy and emotional bodies.

Often times, when something physical manifests as a illness or similar in the physical body, it often is rooted in emotions or energy that is not being tended to properly.

In fact, everything is energy.

There is always a choice and a intention behind the energy that is emitted and sent out… Both conscious and unconscious. It is very very very important to be as present and aware in how that energy is being worked with.

For example, if I choose to not be grateful and focus on what I don’t have, then that will multiply negative and heavy feelings for me. That doesn’t feel good. It is not sustainable for my soul…..

So, I choose to shift that. How? By reframing my thoughts and energy by tuning into gratitude and abundance – being grateful for what I have, choosing to trust what I need is already manifesting, being excited and curious about what’s possible – “this or much better ” – as coined by Sarah Prout. The more I choose to be tuning into gratitude and recognizing the goodness of abundance which surrounds me currently, that raises the vibration, mobilizes the magnetization and starts to flow more into abundance.

It really is about the crux of Soul work and this space. Embodying the Soul work and witnessing how it can manifest into reality.

Words are powerful. There is SO much energy behind words. We must be as aware and present in how we choose our words. Language patterns really DO matter…. A lot more than we can ever realize.

Here’s a few more thoughts/affirmations from Sarah Prout:

  • it is safe for abundance to flow into my life *
  • i am worthy of abundance *
  • choose the vibration you’re offering the Universe in each and every present moment. And if you can’t choose then trust the Universe and surrender to the power of the Universe that always has your back *

More thoughts to come soon!


-mr. Thorne

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