September draws near….

September draws near already!!

amazing how time flies!

A bit of a FPSA (Fae Public Service Announcement):

I will be unreachable during 1st-9th or 10th-ish Sept due to my attending twac: transgender and women identifying activist camp. This will be my first time in a different community oriented space. I’m feeling mostly curious how it will transpire. 

The second gathering I’ve committed to attending in September is Pendulum- Autumn Equinox gathering. I’m excited to return Home to the Land, the wolf creek rad Fae sanctuary for this event! I’ve not been back since I left post-Naraya in June. It’ll be great to see my dear ones and tribe of al kinds! 🙂 That will be during 17th-23rd-ish Sept. 

I usually have my phone off during gathering time, so if y’all want to schedule readings with me.. Then please do ASAP. The sooner, the better. That way, it can align well ahead of time as I head into gathering prep, etc. 

Please contact me for scheduling via my woo work gmail: Otherwise, you can get ahold of me via Facebook PM or my txt digits!



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