*Services, Musings, and My Magick!* update!*

Hello hello!

My name is Thorne Davis. I am a Witch, Priest-tess, Healer, Teacher, Radical Faerie, and Walker Between Realms. I come to you with years of experience in magickal studies, faerie magick, oracle readings, and a deep passionate connection to the Sacred Feminine & Masculine/God-dess/Spirit.

“Tis a time of change…. winds of change have been blowing really strong out of late. Lots of shiftings have been occuring along my path. One of the changes – what? Diana’s Bow Alchemy is no longer the name of my company. The time has come to shift that and now the new name? Journeys with Briar Rose! I’m inviting you to come along, join me for the adventure, and see how it all unfolds into Be-ing for this!!

Please check my list of services provided and if any questions, comments, and/or anything else, then don’t hesitate to contact me @ this email: heartofoak8@gmail.com.

Please be aware – heartofoak8@gmail.com – that’s my ***NEW*** work email. I ask you kindly please do NOT send work related questions, comments, and/or whatnot to my now personal email (previously my old work email) – dianasbowalchemy@gmail.com…. thank you and much much appreciated!!

I look forward to crossing paths with you and providing service to your healing experience!

Bright Blessings,


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