*Services, Musings, and my Magick!*

Once upon a Tyme… fado… fado… fado… filled with rainbows, sunshine, and faeries, Thorne was born in a cloud of faerie dust under a mushroom! Thorne was born on a beautiful June day …

Just kidding!!!! *sparkle*

And now, for the real thing…

Greetings folk, my name is Thorne Davis. I am a Witch, Priest-ess, Healer, Teacher, Radical Faerie, and Walker between Realms. I come to you with years of experience in magickal studies, faerie magick, oracle readings, and a deep passionate connection to the God/dess.

Diana”s Bow Alchemy was born and created from my heart and spirit as I drew upon guidances as directed from Those who i serve while walking the path i live, dance, and create with in this life. It grew more with my desires and visions to serve among the community pockets which i am connected with as well as the folk who the Universe brings to cross paths with me.

Now, you may wonder what does Diana’s Bow Alchemy mean? Well, Diana’s Bow ’tis a folklore/ancient name in reference to the crescent moon phase and Diana/Artemis who is considered the Maiden aspect of the Divine Feminine. Alchemy ’tis connected with many things: transformation, life/soul-renewal, polarity shifting, tempering of elements, re-membering within the Self/Selves, bringing in balance of Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine and plenty of magick a’foot!

I offer energy work, tarot readings, scry by pendulum, chakra alignment and balancing, animal/faerie/plant/tree/stone magick, house blessings, spiritual midwifery, and holding space for ritual or ceremony. Sliding scale and donation basis are greatly appreciated in return for my services. Barter/Trade is another option to explore, if applicable to the situation between myself and the client. For more information re. Services, please contact me by email: dianasbowalchemy@gmail.com.

In addition to my healing and alchemical offerings, I am also an ASL teacher and tutor as well as being actively involved with a local nonprofit organization, DHOR (Deaf and Hearing OutReach). I received my BA degree in History from George Fox University. In addition to that, i am one of three co-founders of Turning of the Wheel Festival’s open community Circle and I’ve just co-created (with a friend of mine) a new Circle: the Red Tent Circle. Another certification which i’ve recently been honored with: ordination as officiant/minister through the Universal Life Church! *sparkle* With this certification, i am now announcinga new service:  provision of ceremonies such as handfasting, handparting, etc.

Many many thanks for considering my services.

I would be honored to work with you and help guide you on your healing path!

With *sparkles*whooosh faerie dust*love*and*light*

Bright Blessings!

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