*** Services & Prices ***

~ Services Provided ~

  • Tarot readings
  • Rune castings/readings
  • Spirit channelings
  • Ancestral & Grief Work
  • Spiritual Midwifery
  • Chakras program levels 1, 2, 3
  • Faerie magick & Animal Medicine guidances
  • Energy and/or Chakra clearing/healing/re-balancing
  • Astrology related (natal charts, transits, etc)
  • Space blessings : altar, hearth, home, work place, office, etc.
  • Song Medicines
  • Officiant & Ritual/Ceremony Space Weaver ~ (legit through Univeral Life Church) for commitment ceremonies, birthings, weddings, life cycles ending/beginning, etc.
  • Classes & Workshops (ASL-accessible/friendly)  tailored to conferences, gatherings/gatherettes, small groups and community spaces
  • Much more offered!


Gift certificates and business cards
This is my previous gift cert template re. giving as gifts (if ordered through my website) and\or as donations to worthy causes. A new template will be posted soon!! 😉

This is the updated woo work Gift Certificate template


~ Service Prices ~

Currently asking:

Readings/Sessions (Tarot/Runes/Energy Work): $126 per hour  ~

Consultations: $65 to 105 per hour ~


Astrological natal chart etc:

Mini-consults: $50 hourly

In-depth consults: $100-150 hourly


Chakras Mentoring Program: (fees recently adjusted)

Level One ~ $73 per hour for 12 sessions

Level Two ~ $93 per hour for 14 sessions

Level Three ~ $113 per hour for 16 sessions


Tis one of myriad threads within weaving ~  creating ~ manifesting ~ crafting ~ brewing ~ deeper within an abundant, sustainable, self-sufficient, well-flowing livelihood INcome for/with my life path callings.

I do offer trades as well as flash sales/discounts from time to time.

It is absolutely beyond crucial/important to me in with my services feeling accessible as much as possible to/with folx …. <3 <3 <3

Ideas regarding trade exchanges (not limited only to these!!): herbal woo tinctures/medicines, essential oils, body work, a place to sleep/rest, moon planners, home cooked meal, groceries, garden harvested fruits & veggies, plant medicines, Ceremony/ritual items ie. sage smudge, palo santo, etc.

This is work I deeply much much much love & enjoy doing; it is not just work to me ~ Tis a Service path I live, walk, co-create continually in relationship with Spirit.

Tis always feels like a Deep gift, blessing, and honor for me to offer my woo work medicines/services with whoever the Universe/Great Cosmos/Spirits sends to me.

Many many many gratitudes for your interest and I look forward to co-creating some wonderful magick with you!

Bright blessings,

Mr. Thorne