***** several Gatekeeping announcments *****

Hello folx!

A few Gatekeeping announcements:

1) An updated logo re. woo work business card design is currently in the works ~ hopefully it will be public sooner than later ~ pending couple factors! Thankees you for the patience!

2) My current asking fee: $70-100 per hour will be phased out by the end of December 2016. It will be increased to $90-120 per hour by January 1st, 2017. (Please note: its been a long while since ive last raised my asking fee.)

Please dont worry ~ as always, payment plans are one of several possible options, if necessary due to financial challenges. This must be agreed upon with between me and the client as we setup the schedule for sessions.

3) If payment plans are scheduled, then one upfront payment is requested as immediate followthrough right away ~ to hold the time/session as agreed upon ~ as an proactive step of manifestation for the session….

Otherwise, either full payment and/or otherwise agreement are expected due to this being a livelihood income. It IS work i LOVE to do, yes, yet at the same time, the money flow needs to be honored so i can be able to eat, sleep, travel, and continue to provide these magicky readings! <3


If any questions, comments, thoughts, etc then please do feel welcome to contact me directly at my woo work email address: heartofoak8@gmail.com

Many blessings!!

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