*** Short Run Cycle: FREE and/or exchange sessions ~ NOW til March 20th, 2017 ***

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*** CURRENT Short Run SPECIAL ***

(Gentle reminder! )

Due to current world affairs, etc ~ I’m offering a short run cycle of FREE and/or exchange/trade/barter woo work readings/sessions ~ be it tarot, runes, Spirit channeling, energy healing, chakra rebalancing, etc ~

This is currently happening NOW until 20th march, 2017~ spring equinox ~

Queers, people of color, witches, healers, activists, artists, etc to the front ~


I do both in-person AND long distance sessions. Please contact me at my woo work email: heartofoak8@gmail.com ~ for scheduling, questions, etc.

My woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com


Gratitudes to the folx who have contacted me already for scheduling & thankees you for the patience in getting your sessions scheduled!

As for yall out there, this is a great time to get a session especially due to venus being retrograde in Aries, spring equinox and purim both coming up soon, pisces solar return birthday season unfolding, and all that magicky stuff brewing!

Blessings, Blissings, and Gratitudes ~ Looking forward to co creating some powerful healing with yall~

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