*** short run of FREE woo work sessions being offered ***

**** Considering the heightened intensity of the times that we are currently riding the tides with….

Ive decided/felt called to offer a short run of FREE long distance and in-person (negotiated with schedules/timing) sessions of healing and support in whatever forms resonating: tarot, runes, energy work, rebalancing chakras, Spirit channeling, etc ….

These sessions can range from 5 minutes to a hour (as a guideline)

Queers/LGBTQIIA folx, folx of color, witches, activists, healers, etc to the front ~ first come, first serve.

Trade/barter and payment exchanges are also much appreciated/welcome!

(It is super important for yall to not worry/stress about money if thats a challenging factor at this time. Your self care is the main thing right now.)

Im Deaf and fluent with both ASL (american sign language) and English.

**** please know this is my livelihood work path/income. Yet, it felt important i offer this short run of FREE sessions as a way of offering support for those who are in BIG need of this, especially right now. It is important to me that my woo workings are accessible across the spectrum as much as possible while honoring my path livelihood income needs ****

This FREE run of sessions will begin on the THIRD of march (waxing taurus moon, Friday) and continue to Spring Equinox, thats March 20th (waning half moon capricorn, Monday).

How to contact for scheduling?
Please contact via my woo work email: heartofoak8@gmail.com and/or my txt phone # for quicker contact if you have it handy.

Disclaimer: I have the right to guard my personal needs/time/energy/etc when in context of scheduling, etc. If a no related answer happens coming from me, then know it comes with good reason and not meant to harm. Please respect that and its appreciated!


Please do NOT comment below asking for sessions, etc.

Also, please do NOT share this without my consent. Thankees you!!

Blessings, Blissings, and Gratitudes in advance ~
*whooosh Fae dust, sparkle*

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