*** Social Media Platforms + Gemini gift certificates Update! ***

Greetings folx!

Tis been a while since I’ve checked in and there’s a good reason to why… I wanted to let y’all know that both my Facebook account and messenger are not accessible currently due to having been hijacked by someone else. Facebook has “hidden” them for the moment. Please do not be alarmed if I’ve not been posting recently on Facebook.

I’ve been going through my own process related to this situation having occurred. It’s been a interesting journey for me unfolding related to several things: reassessing how I want to better use social media, discovering some “silver linings” in this, and noticing the emotions arising, etc. Y’all’s patience is much appreciated as I am still in the process of figuring out what step(s) to take forward in that. Many thanks for the understanding with this. Hopefully, there will be a update soon to my next steps forward.

In the meanwhile, Instagram is the platform where I’ve been checking more often so please DM me there-Instagram, email,  and/or book through here – my website for purchasing my services.


With that all said, the month of May has seemed to zipped by quickly and now its the very start of Gemini season! The sun and mercury transited into Gemini yesterday. Did you feel that shift? I definitely felt the energy shift! More coming soon on the Astro weather scenario!

Are you a Gemini? Do you have dear folx in your life who are Gemini and have a solar return birthday coming up soon? Are you wanting to gift that particular Gemini something unique for their birthday? Y’all are in luck! Why? My woo work gift certificates are still available for purchase as well as natal-birth chart consults and readings! 🙂

My rates are reasonable. If there are financial challenges, then please do inquire in email and we can have a checkin on that. I’m looking forward to connecting with y’all and working some healing magic! <3

Blessings of this Capricorn waning moon,




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