Some musings….


i just wanted to share a few musings I’ve had over the past week or so….

“I choose to believe in the limitless potential of life”

“Honor your own development enough to catch up with yourself; Honor the needs of your heart and your lifestyle so you don’t shoot one in the foot in favor of the other.”

“Master noticing the difference between your reactions and your heart-felt essential truth.”

“Embrace the revolutions of the heart and soulful transformation”


the definitions of honor:

Noun – 1) high respect; esteem.

Synonyms: distinction, recognition, privilege, glory, kudos, cachet, prestige, merit, credit.

2) A privilege.

Synonyms: privilege, pleasure, pride, joy.


Verb – 1) regard with great respect.

Synonyms: esteem, respect, admire, defer to, look up to.

– 2) fulfill (an obligation) or keep (an agreement)

Synonyms: fulfill, observe, keep, obey, heed, follow,

carry out,  discharge, implement, execute, effect


The word honor really stood out in the quote above, why? Right now, it resonates a lot in the varying contexts of allowing myself to step back, create a deeper space of self care, self value, self worth… and to allow myself to feel it is more than ok to say no with not offering many sessions of service currently and in all that -letting myself honor my needs in all ways invisible and visible so I will be able to give in a fuller capacity with both my community circles and clients – when I start to offer more sessions – when I feel more able and ready to.

Another way I’ve been honoring myself is in the request to folks currently to understand how important it is for me to have the choice in choosing to or not to share what I’ve been processing and/or feeling in the wake of my recent car break-in experience. I’m grateful so grateful to those who have understood and supported me in that.

I’ve been finding some silver linings in this process – my discovering humor/irony in the situation hasn’t been lost, I’m very very very slowly feeling less shaken/space violated each day, and the tent that was taken-stolen had belonged to an ex-lover of mine before it was mine. I realized that tent never had completely felt like mine in this incident happening and I’m grateful for the opportunity sometime soon to choose a new tent that will truly reflect me.

I did buy a new black tourmaline stone and black obsidian stone as a small step forward in reclaiming my car-travel home space. That is one of many steps ahead I feel that I will be taking. The stones I found at a woo shop in ashland, southern Oregon – the shop’s name is Soundpeace.

Right now, small steps -slow and steady – feel to be the right thing for me currently. Maybe others think that this kind of thing needs to be processed quickly. That is for them if that works….

For me, I’m discovering that moving slow and steady is best right now. Plus, I feel the slow steady moving forward is, in a way, honoring my Cancer moon. How so? Well, my Cancer moon is all about water – feelings, relationships, aspects of the Moon, and how I feel into communication in the emotional and relational realms… among many other layers to my water-Cancer heart.

Thats just a bit of where my musings have been unfolding recently… There’s been some others, of course. I’ll share them in due time 🙂

blessings be,

mr. Thorne



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