*some thoughts in response re. Charlottesville VA horrors ***

Greetings, folx ~

As yall already know… there’s been terrible racist happenings very recently at Charlottesville, VA. It is unbelievable today in 2017, this happened. Yet, at the same time, it is more than believeable. My heart aches for those who were harmed in this terrible unfoldings of this racist event.

My compassion and grounding vibes go out to everyone who needs it at this time. You are Seen. You are Loved. You are NOT disposable.

The dark underbelly and shadows of racism among many other layers including Nazism is being very much exposed here. Some of yall may be shocked that this happened. Others are not.

It gives me hope to know there are people reaching out and mobilizing to give support to those who were harmed, etc. That hope reminds me there is something STILL good in the midst of all the heavyness.

To discriminate against anyone is NOT ok and never is ok.

I will share more thoughts within the next coming days about this. Please have patience with me in this. Thank you in advance.


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