*** somewhere betwixt New York City and Nigara Falls ***

img_0645 img_0647 img_0648 img_0649 img_0650 img_0651 img_0652 img_0653 img_0654 img_0655 img_0656 img_0657 img_0658 img_0659 img_0660

These are a couple photos ive taken on/off basis today while being enroute on the Amtrak train somewhere betwixt NYC-New York City and heading towards the Canadian Border. Niagara Falls is where the Canadian border is at. Im enroute to Toronto, Canada ~ The province of Ontario. Its a return journey for me this time since i was invited back to offer more woo work workshops. That will happen next week. Im excited to have this opportunity ~

These photos evoke alot of varying layers and emotions related to seasons turning, letting things fall to ground and return to seed, letting the land fall fallow…. releasing, healing, rebirthing, renewing… and moving forward….

This recent Samhain weekend was powerful, intense, Deep, and beautyfull… affirming in many ways and absolute magic heart full Deepening for me too…. the Ancestors definitely have been very close this time around with the thinning of the veils and the ethers being clearer between this realm and other worlds. Mmmm.

I will write more soon on that.

Blessings and gratitude~ abundance and blessings~


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