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Hello folx~

These photos were taken by me at a lovely ocean spot on the day of the full moon near the LA (los Angeles), California area. I felt truly blessed and grateful to have connection time with the ocean, especially with the craving i had for it with this recent full moon. Such beauty, despite it being very much a touristy spot. I was able to enjoy the sun, waded some in the water, and walked a bit underneath the pier… so interesting to see and feel the difference of the old and new(er) wooden posts under the pier boardwalk….!

This recent full moon in Capricorn has been emphasizing alot of the energies surrounding vision, commitment, devotion to path, etc. I am reminded of how much i enjoy the offering of the services i bring into the world and share them with yall. And! Im truly grateful for the follow through of clients paying me and finances being shored up into right account at this moment. This is especially meaningful to me since im currently dealing with a unfolding intersting and full of irony car transportation related situation. This car situation has been pushing me to dig deeper with layers of trust, release, letting go, and looking at what i can do while waiting for next steps to fall into place for moving forward with ensuring the safety and care of my car so i can continue to travel return back north to the bay area (CA) then to the Pacific NorthWest.

I am extra grateful currently for the generous warmth and hospitality filled space im currently at right now and appreciating the different kind of beauty here since it is more of a high heat, small mountain town, and canyon area outside of Los Angeles area. Its a gift for me to experience the different beauty here and feeling the difference of energy here as compared to the North Hills of Los Angeles. Im curious to see what unfolds next with the car transportation situation for me…. my conscious choice is to continue to trust and not call in the energies of fear/anxiety/stress; instead, i choose to cal in the energies of right process, abundance, all my needs being met and more than met with this car situation while finding the irony and humpr of this as i can… even if its intense and not easy at times with the feelings surrounding this, still, i choose to stay in a place of gratitude and trust.

On a different note, please know i am currently available for long distance paying sessions especially right now as im working with the current car situation. Any and whatever abundance via money form is much much appreciated and more than welcome at this time. If you feel called to book a session for yourself and/or gift a session for someone else in your life who could use a reading, then please do book it at my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com….

Many blessings and appreciations!!!

~Mr. Thorne~

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