Spirit Oracle

As a update to how the woo work name change occurred….

Well, it happened at several different times where the word oracle was referred to my particular type of woo work or stated in referring to me. It felt like a HUGE responsibility to me with this. I honestly had to take some time and dig deeeep within my Self and sift through ALL of what I was feeling coming to surface. The interesting yet scary (at the time) thought I realized? It truly did resonate deeply in some places of my Self re. Oracle. 

I decided, in the end, to accept with a deeply humble-graced heart the name oracle as one of my multi-faceted ness. 

Spirit is one of the interchangeable names I use for the presences of the Divine. Also, not only that, I feel with a strong resonance that Spirit is the “glue” or the binding that holds together ALL the elements: fyre, wind, water, and earth. Each cannot live independent of each other. Each element has a relationship with each other. Spirit is the energy that brings it into a whole. 

In that, just a bit of back story with how Spirit Oracle came into manifestation as my current woo work name. I’m honored and blessed to reflect this in the magicks and medicines I offer. 

Blessed be. 



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