Spring Equinox: gratitude, abundance, manifestation

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Hullo yall!

Blessed spring equinox!

For some of you, it’s Purim time! Purim is a important holiday in Hebrew culture and way of life. Purim celebrated Queen Esther’s brave heart and honors her courage in confronting her husband, the king, about his minister Haman and the terrible premeditation that Haman had committed against her people, the Jews.

Esther is a Persian name which means Star, translated in that language. Her Jewish name is Hadassah. Hadassah, translated from Hebrew, means Compassion. Yes, I just googled that up and it really does dovetail into who Queen Esther is and the archetype she represents. She confronts her husband, the king, with a truly deeply compassionate heart yet a powerful, fierce spirit, not backing down from what she deeply feels to be true. If she didn’t speak with her authentic self, then we would not be celebrating Purim and herself today at this time. She was able to do what she did because she had faith. Her faith had been instilled deep by her mentor, teacher, and uncle Mordechai.


Gratitude is a powerful spiritual practice for me more now than ever before. One of many reasons for that – gratitude raises the vibration of energy while creating that space for abundance to flow through. It is absolutely true in how our thoughts hold so so so much more energy than we often realize. Once we articulate something with formed words, that energy goes out into the Universe. Phew! That’s powerful! We have countless opportunities to co-create our realities with the Universe.

The more we recognize what we are grateful for, that amplifies even more the abundance that wants to flow through into our lives and manifest. Active recognition shifts the vibration from low to high levels of flow and manifesting. Scarcity based stories, often money or emotion related, can bring a lower resonance of energy and feel mucky. How to move that mucky feeling through? Actively choosing and intending to recognize the low vibrations, naming them, then allowing these low energies be alchemized into high levels of energy. Gratitude, love, compassion, kindness all are aligned with high resonant energies.

Another thing to keep in mind: words have so much power, SO much;  this is a important key to pay attention with —> how our thoughts energetically align or don’t align does make a BIG difference in what and how the energy manifests. See, it’s like this: intention + thought + energy = manifestation.

Abundance resonates in the way where we are actively saying to the universe that we are are open…. Not just open; that we are BOTH open and welcoming to our highest good and best desires in alignment then manifest from intangible to tangible.


Speaking of gratitude …. I’m super more than grateful for y’all! …. Y’all who subscribe to my woo work website blog, those of you who follow my Facebook Spirit Oracle group or page or both, y’all who have donated to my woo work site, the new clients who book sessions with me, the returning clients, those of you who pick up my business card from wherever I’ve left them at, generous hosts who have given me warm hospitality on my travels and ongoing journeys, and much more than what I can add here….

I’m deeply grateful and heart touched by all this abundance. I’m feeling quite excited as well as curious to see how this gratitude Will amplify even  more as I expand currently with my woo work threads.

Much much much appreciation and blessings! More thoughts to come with this Wednesday’s Full Moon in Libra & lunar prenuberal eclipse.

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