*** Sun Fest coming up! June 2016 ~ Solstice! ***


This is the first of several upcoming festivals that I will be vending my woo workings at~ and its such a honor to level up in this way. Im grateful for this opportunity! Ive vended my woo workings at several small events coordinated and hosted by OWOW (Other Worlds of Wonder) in the past few years. It feels good and right with the timing to level up in this way of offering my woo workings in a greater scale to a bigger audience space such as this event.

Im excited, curious, and hopeful to see what this whole Sun Fest experience shall be like! This is a new thing Im trying out as well a different way for me to observe Midsummer Solstice.

Sun Fest is happening nearby to Portland, OR. If you find yourself around there, then please do check it out if you can. Please keep in mind that this is a pagan, earth-based type of event.

I shall look forward to seeing you out there in the magical realms!

*whooosh Fae dust, sparkle*

Blessings be,


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