SunFest 2016 ~ Quick Reminder! ~


Quick Reminder, folx!

I will be offline and not posting on here while Im off in the woods and off grid at SunFest this weekend… Thursday til Sunday…..

I shall be offering tarot readings among other woo work services at SunFest! It is a exciting big step forward for me with this expanding step of bringing my woo workings into the world out there!

This is the first of several bigger festival scenarios coming up this summer season that Ive been honored and invited to bring my magicky workings to and with! So exciting 🙂

Im beyond grateful for all your donations, support, interest and referring folx you know to me via word by mouth and other ways too. This abundance is much much much appreciated!

Your continued support and interests in ALL forms including money abundance is and always is more than welcomed and MUCH MUCH MUCH appreciated!

If youre wondering: all the money abundance goes to fulfilling both my everyday needs as well as travel support needs. This is essential as it turns out that i will be travelling much more this summer into the autumn seasons~ bringing my magicky services and doing work i LOVE out there into the world out there and to places/folx who call for them….

Please know that every cent DOES count….. MUCH MUCH MUCH more than you realize. With the MORE money (especially!) abundance that flows, the MORE gratitude that flows from my heart and the appreciation of my being able to bring the woo workings i know im meant to bring out there and offer the medicines that i know im capable of offering.

Your belief and support of my medicines and woo workings is MUCH MUCH MUCH valued and beyond more than appreciated… MORE than you realize or can possibly know.

Thankees  you thankees you thankees you thankees you thankees you thankees you thankees you thankees you thankees you thankees you thankees you thankees you thankees you for the love, support, abundance, visibility, and MORE…. from the bottom of my heart and beyond that.

Blessings and gratitudes,

~Mr. Thorne

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