*** SunFest ~ June 21-24, 2018 *** musings ***

This year’s SunFest was a interesting one among other things. Grateful for the FOUR woo work readings & the lovely exchanges that happened while I was there! It was a pleasure since I made new friends through that process. Yayyy!

It was a blessed honor and a heartening moment to witness the photographs taken at the spot in the woods where a dear friend received a proposal from their partner!

There were moments where I communed on my own with Brighid since I didn’t attend the main ritual hosted at the festival. Three main reasons why I didn’t attend: 1) no solid set container energetically for the ritual, 2) the decided approach for the ritual by the ritualist ~ I didn’t feel aligned with it , and 3) Brighid (as one of my personal patrons/deities) clearly expressed to me in Her desire of my not attending nor offering energy to the ritual space.

I have nothing against the ritualist who led the ritual or anything like that. It is just very clear (at least to me) that her chosen ritual approach didn’t resonate at all with who Brighid is, etc.

The ritualist chose to use ecstatic dance ~ that is more appropriate for Greek aligned sorts of ritual, especially if to honor Pan, Dionysius, and/or such like that.

Brighid doesn’t align with that form of ritual. She is an Irish/Celtic goddess and patron of writers, herbalists, healers, creative folx, smith/iron workers, and more. Milk, water, fire, bread, mead are all acceptable offerings with Her. Candles, bread making, and craft making are several of many threads that fall into the spaces aligned with Brighid.

Midsummer solstice is a fire festival so it is good Brighid was invoked for this season … however, it could’ve been done better.

The quite well known Celtic saying: “the meeting place of fire anabell water is a place of great power.”

It is my hope that the ritualist learned from this experience and will move forward with more of a clearer understanding in how to work better with Brighid & what aligns in that.

With that said, I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to have been put in the woods and spent some time with some community folx who I needed to connect with 🙂✨💚🙏🏼

Im curious & interested to see how things shift for next year with midsummer solstice, where I will be next at that time, et al.

More news soon!!

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