*** Tea and salve workshop *** D-Beatstro ~ TORONTO, Canada ** TONIGHT ***



This is the Facebook event link for this evening workshop about teas and salves. Theres plenty space available if you want to attend last minute ~ please keep in mind that I will stay here at the venue til about 8pm (And/or about 15 minutes after 8pm) to honor my time/energy levels. Thankees you for understanding.


Random Musings:

It is Victoria Day (Canada) long holiday weekend at this time. It is interesting how I didnt realize the timing of this when having originally scheduled this workshop ~ *wry soft chuckle*

Go figure with not being in the flow of holidays due to being a freelancer instead of mainstream 9 to 5 work kind of schedule, right? 😉

I’m always learning something new about Canada and their calendar year. Grateful for the adventures and irony in the learning at times.

I was thinking earlier today since it is warm outside currently that the Making part of this workshop would not happen since the Making part would require hot kettle and crock pot. That would be better geared for Winter season, of course.

Instead, I’m taking this as an opportunity for prep time with this workshop topic. It will be fun and exciting to Make as well as discuss this in the winter 🙂

~ Herbal/non-caffeine tea brew (single herb or combo blend)

~ Black/Green caffeine tea brew (spices, plants, etc)

~ Chai – both black and herbal types

~ Salves: beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter…

~ discussion of properties related with specific herbs used in tea brews, salves, and more!


If this resonates with you, then please do sign up for sure in Winter 2017 when I offer this topic again here at Toronto.


Using herbs, plants, and spices in various ways for health and wellness is essential in so many ways for our bodies ~ not only physically, also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Plants offer their medicines for everything we need: healing, stress management, soothing, sleep disruption, and SO much more!

I’m grateful for the green bloods (plants), herbs, trees, and all the other sources of medicine that Mother Earth offers to us. Such abundance we have available ~ <3 <3 <3

Please do follow my website: www.spiritoracle.com as well as my Facebook group Spirit Oracle and my Facebook woo work page: Spirit Oracle professional services ~ for updates, event links, etc.

Blessings and Gratitude!

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