*** Technology Access Expansion update! ***

Hello folx~

Just a quick checkin… Yes, there’s a technology access expansion update! What is this about? Well, you may have noticed there is the FaceTime logo added now to the homepage of my woo work website. It is true, yes. I do have FaceTime!

Im announcing officially this option of FaceTime especially for making accessibility more available for who? Deaf and hoh (hard of hearing) oriented spectrum folx as well as ASL Users who want to use sign language as communication for both sessions/readings and consultations.

When a session and/or consultation is scheduled specifically with FaceTime, then I will give my FaceTime email information in personal online communication with the client.

Side note: I’m not announcing my FaceTime email address on here due to my privacy needs. Please understand that and respect my boundaries around that. It is important for me to feel comfortable and respected in that way.

Yay!!! Technology Access Expansion for manifesting more access and communication ~ Deaf-friendly indeed!


I much much much appreciate y’all’s patience with me as I steadily learn and evolve with my techie skills. Gratitudes and Blessings! <3

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