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I recently sat down with Thorne for a Tarot reading and astrological chart analysis. It was a beautiful experience. They are deeply knowledgeable and intuitive. Their guidence through this exploration was helpful, clear, and caring. Thank you, Thorne! You do amazing work and I’m grateful for your expertise.

~ G. Platt ~ February 2020


Wootastical Shout-out about my woo work via Instagram


J’ai reçu plusieurs lectures de tarot à travers les années et quelques séances énergétiques.  Thorne est un sorcier puissant et une personne extrêmement intuitive.  Son travail résonne toujours avec moi et je le recommande sans hésitation à toutes mes communautés.✨

I have had the chance to receive both energy work and tarot reading from Thorne.  He is a truly gifted witchy sorcerer and a very intuitive person.  Their work has resonated with me throughout the years and I always come back even if we are in different parts of the world.  I highly recommend their services to all my communities, their healing is powerful 🖤
~M. Des Jardins, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Review about my woo work from Instagram


He is awesome! He came over to our place for spirit reader. 100% satisfied and most of them came true and made sense. We are very happy after he left! Highly recommended!!
Mark Mata:
I felt so great with him, I understood him clear! All cards he provided came positively and accurate. I felt much more positive than ever!! Thank you Thorne!!

(Toronto, Ontario, Canada ~ Sept 23rd, 2019 review)


Readings with Thorne are like therapy, but with beautifully painted magical portals, often interspersed with dream interpretation and storytelling. Thorne is a veritable powerhouse of a channel and he’s now accepting clients! He tends to work on a sliding scale with partial trade options- message Thorne @heartofoak8 to see how you can get your own one-on-one magic therapy session(s)! 

~ S.R.R.P ~


Received a much needed reading for the upcoming months. I feel more grounded and focused on what I need to spend my energy on to make it through summer and prepare for the fall and winter. This was such a gift. Get a reading from Thorne if you can!!

~ K.W. ~


Thorne and I connected through a mutual friend some years ago. Upon meeting Thorne I knew we would cross path again, and of course we did. When I had my first Tarot reading with Thorne, he described my world beyond words with a gentle reflection of truth that I have been layering upon for years, in a time when I yearned for completeness. Thorne offered guidance and reassurance with his wisdom when I had the pain of reminiscing my past memories. Certainly, with his offering, there came with an amount of perspective that chimed a tune to my energy and my current vibration. Each time our path crossed, Thorne always brought in new perspective to our discussion on higher consciousness and humankind.

(Testimonial from J. Lang)


I am working with chakras healing/rebalancing with Thorne. He is very empowering, compassionate, and intuitive. I am constantly inspired by his support with my healing process, even if some of my healing process was very rough. When I pick up new methods from him for my charka healing/rebalancing, those methods are very helpful in the long-run. After I healed my pains, many of my old pains didn’t return ever since. During my chakras healing/rebalancing are progressing, my excellent instinct skill is reopening and my spiritual guide is becoming clear. My chakras healing/rebalancing process with Thorne is enormous positive impact in my life. I highly recommend Thorne’s service to someone who need support with their awakening, spiritual guide, and chakras healing/rebalancing.

~ A. R. Smith ~



I will totally be a witness. Thorne is amazing at reading and creating stories and visions with meaning. Then, gently at the same time, assigning you with a practice that will give you the answers you are looking for. He is an amazing facilitator in other words. He guides you with visioning so that you actually do the work.

~ J. Parker ~


The reading are accurate and it may take some time for it fall into place. Patience is the key � here. Bless Be.

~ C. Moon ~


Thorne was very generous with their time and I gained remarkable insight. Thank you, thank you, Thank You!

~ M. Espinoza ~


I’ve known Thorne for over six years. We met because of magic. They have been a guide in my life through difficult times and have been witness in my growth. Thorne’s passion and connection to healing work has taught me to trust my own abilities and intuitions. When you work with Thorne, there is a reciprocity in connection. This helps support what is possible not only in the here and now, but also in the future. I hold great trust for Thorne’s talent and calling to do this work.

~ Libra Moon ~


I’ve known Thorne for a couple of years now and they are bright, intelligent, and a pleasure to talk to. I had two readings by Thorne and each reading has been very accurate and I feel like I walk away with a renewed sense of direction and hope for whats to come. Thank you Thorne for the insightful readings! <3 I also love that Thorne is willing to bargain for those in need of a reading but may not have the funds to do so. They’re very accommodating!

~ B.Salo ~


Thorne is powerfully skilled at creating a safe space for emotional and spiritual processes.  He communicates an authentic, attuned willingness to be in relationship.  He holds space for people – with compassion, neutrality and non-judgement.  He generously welcomes deep connection alongside an open sharing of his systems of knowing and being.  Thorne’s woo work is the sharing of a powerful meaning making process which invites clients to leave their usual patterns at the the door and step towards new ways of being in the world.

Thorne establishes the safety necessary for transformation by making space for all aspects of the client’s being.  He shows a deep, embodied respect for the complexity of the process.  In his gentle invitations towards reflection and change there is never a sense of pressure or force or should.  Thorne’s faith in the rightness of the natural unfolding of things leaves me feeling grounded and settled, even in times of change.

~ K.S. ~


Thorne is absolutely astounding. They are very attuned to magical workings in many ways. They are one of my go to magical workers. When my grandmother was ill several years ago I received a rune reading during this time. They took me on a journey and conversation that was truly inspired. It helped me move through some heavy parts of my life. They are also amazing working with folks on all walks of their gender journey!

~ S. Bishop ~


‘Thorne has such gentle ways of providing support and aid when working with the energies that come up. Anyone that has worked with him, and been lucky enough to go beyond work and into friendship, knows how blessed and magical a person Thorne is. I would highly recommend anyone go to Thorne for support when it comes to metaphysical and energetic difficulties, he’s trustworthy, honest and discreet. Not to mention a very good person, anyone would be blessed and lucky to have him in their life.’
~ Sheyd E Blue ~


Hey ya’all, Thorne Waya Davis gives *GREAT* oracle. I highly recommend. ~ Grace O’Neill ~ March 28, 2013


Thorne is one of my wonderful friend with good empathy, spiritual personality, highly knowledge of paganism, friendly, open minded, and much more that I could list. Also I’ve know him for more than 10 years. I have been a client for Spirit Oracle for some years and always have been satisfied with Thorne’s tarot reading service. There were never a time that I was disappointed! I remember the time before I decided to go to National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, New York, I asked Thorne for a tarot reading because I never visited New York or know anything about Rochester and the school. It appears that him tarot reading said that I need to get used with the climate and find a way to be more spiritual joyful with the natural environments. At that time when I learned about those advices, I have no idea why the tarot reading suggests me to think about the nature and climate because I am hiker, went outside and enjoy the nature a lot, but until I arrived in Rochester, New York. I used to think that New York should have the same climate as Oregon where I was relocating from, but I was wrong. It was quite frigid there with many blizzards, plus few feet of snow that would not melt for some months, which I am not used with. Only two years later, I became tired of the frigid climate in Rochester so I decided to go back to Oregon to finish my degree at a community college. It tells me that his tarot reading accurately gave me the right advice! I was surprised. This is why I trust Thorne’s tarot reading service and will not look to find different tarot reader. Thorne will be always my tarot reader! I would love to have another tarot reading from Thorne and his business again, the Spirit Oracle!

Thank you,


Here’s feedback about our first level chakras practices. Your methods of teaching for the first level chakras was amazing! The healing progress in some chakras were not easy, but it was very benefit because I finally developed my ability to heal, unblock, and re-balance my chakras correctly. During that process, my wounds and scars from the inside are fading for the first time. Our first level chakras practices were inspiriting, empowering, and enlightenment. Also, for the first time, self-caring is my primary. When I take care of myself well enough, I am able to support others better and improve my life style for the better. I can’t describe how amazing our first level chakras practices really were. I can’t thank you enough for that.

So far, I have no feedback for improvement. You did really great job! 🙂

Amanda Rose Smith



Thorne is more than an adept reader and oracle interpreter; he’s a clear and grounded channel who can deliver messages from the Spirit realm into understandable language. I appreciate how he checks in often to see if a message or insight resonates. He’s not shy when a “tough love” message comes through in a reading, yet holds a compassionate space for the reading to unfold. Thorne is supportive throughout – making sure the setting creates the right atmosphere for the client; emotional attunement; and psychic awareness. He uses multiple card decks and oracle formats to create variety that resonates with his clients. I’ve had several readings from Thorne over the years at key cycles of the turning wheel, and look forward to each opportunity as a way to come back into alignment with my true self. Thorne supports this process admirably.

xoxoxoxox ~ Peacock


I just want to say that Thorne came into my life 3 1/2 years ago. He looked at me and told me I needed a reading. That reading changed the entire course of my life in such a beautiful way and right way. He has been there for me through some of the most intense spiritual crises I have experienced. Holding my hand and believing in me. He held so much emotional and ritual space for me as I severed the ties with many toxic people gently nudging me towards healing when I needed it most. I have never felt like someone believed in me so authentically and with such depth. I have and continue to learn from him and the readings we share together.

~ F. S. ~


Thorne is an amazing human, I am grateful to get know them. I learned that their work is applying to my needs, for example: Tarot reading based on the daily life, understanding the grounding roots in my feet, teach me how to self love to develop better to understanding. I am appreciate their work process through with professional, on time for the session and communicate through email that really grateful and appreciate so much. I recommend you all to get in touch with them and have a chat to get know each other and let yourself feel safe and grounding the root to be in the safe space with them. I am appreciate them everyday and thank you for making this happen with the tarot readings, looking forward to doing chakras, healing, and journey through the process together.

Thank you
Amar Mangat (Thorne’s Client)


‘I have had so many wonderful spiritual insights and profound experiences in my sessions with Thorne Waya Davis.
He carries much depth of wisdom and knowledge about the mystic arts, that seem to go beyond this day and age.
He is a truly gifted intuitive, versatile and adept at the art of tarot, and also a great listener, as well as a medicine maker.
I always know that things will transform and shift energetically after our time together, as he teaches me to take a step back to see the bigger picture, how to call on my own sacred guides and allies, and to focus my energy wisely.
He will give you that extra breath of inspiration, a deeper sense of magic and divine sparkle that we so need in our world!
Truly grateful for him!

Jasmin Soleil Krone


I have so much gratitude and love for Thorne’s insight! I resonate with all the readings I have received from him! I have been growing into a stronger since of myself and my path as a healer. I have realized that by healing myself, my ability to hold a healing space for others comes with a greater since of ease! What a fastastic time, the present.. to dive deep and heal from within. Thorne is a wonderful fae friend and magikal healer. I recommend a reading from him, especially when you have big changes or questions in your life! Thorne is kind, supportive and encouraging. Exactly what is needed in times of change!

Love, Natalie Mae.


I have had the pleasure of tarot card and intuitive readings from Thorne. I m always struck by the depth of his understanding. I especially appreciate the distance work we do over text. Thorne has an extensive list of supportive readings to recommend or actions I can take to flow with the energy of my life more easily. I have had work with many intuitive healers, energy workers, and psychics. Thorne s deep commitment to his craft, abundant respect, and ability to hold space during difficult transformations set him apart personally and professionally. I would definitely recommend his services!

(Review from Chaz Vitale, tattoo artist and fellow woo tribe)


Thank you so much for everything you did. I could not have imagined a more perfect ceremony.

(This is from a dear friend and tribe, kitty santiago ~ in reference to the handfasting ceremony i did in november for them and their partner about five to six years ago.)


Our paths have crossed in the most magickal way. I was attending the art and music festival and was experiencing a personal journey of transformation. Thorne offered a Tarot reading for me and I knew immediately that not only I wanted it but also that I needed it and that the words and knowledge would be profound. Thorne’s ability to communicate is so powerful, with precision, deep knowledge, and connection to the spirit realm. The reading I received spoke powerfully to me and connected so many moments in my life. From the moment I received the reading, I felt like all the fragmented pieces of my life shifted and aligned themselves and there was so much clarity about my purpose and path in life. I also received a lot of encouragement about my path and my work on this planet in this lifetime. It was beyond me to understand how it was happening, but I felt touched by the spirits and more confirmations came along after the reading was finished. Some information that I received from the reading with Thorne was confirmed immediately after the reading. I started to see visions. And then, those visions in combination with the reading from Thorne showed up as physical manifestations. It was beyond my logical mind to understand and explain. It made me aware and humble.
The reading by Thorne did not only become a part of my journey, but also a beginning of a powerful connected friendship. I am honored to know Spirit Oracle. They have such knowledge and connection with other dimensions that all confusion, doubt, and fear disappear. I highly recommend Thorne’s services, gifts, and medicine. They carry so much healing.
~ Anya Savranskaya www.mappingmagic.com

Anya Savranskaya
Gypsy Enchantress, Chaos Dancer, Intuitive Shadow Healer
Visionary Founder of Mapping Magic
Follow us on twitter.com/MappingMagic | facebook.com/mappingmagic


Mmm, my relationship and work with Thorne. Where do I begin?

Our paths initially crossed many years ago as I accepted my own reconnection to the world and culture of ASL and Deaf community. But, the routes and travels since then have been perfectly aligned and always at the perfect moment. What has started as peer mentorship, has grown into now business partnership. But, always first and foremost, friendship.

Thorne has a way of seeing past my words- always, in all ways, and regardless of physical distance. It continues to astonish me how Thorne appears exactly when I need, to tell me exactly what I need to hear. The blessing, is Thorne’s innate gift of connection. And not just our connection to one another, but the guidance and REconnection offered and encouraged of me to my own spirit and essence of truth.

If you are feeling lost, feeling unsure of what even to ask, then bless yourself with the gift of time with Thorne. Irregardless if the time is in physical space, or across the magick of the virtual screen, this meeting will be a sacred gift. The gift is that Thorne offers an AWEsome space of witnessing and presence. And in the story you share of your journey, Thorne offers a reflection of the truth, YOUR truth. And within that lies the answers which you have been seeking. And Thorne then reminds you, YOU know what YOU need. You just needed the gift of a bit of witnessing and reflection.

Bless yourself with the gift of sacred time with Thorne. The magick that unfolds is a gift you will cherish. My path with Thorne continues, and I trust our connections to always be perfectly timed. Allow yourself this support and witnessing, and then embrace the magick treasure of you that unfolds.

Anjela Ford-Glueckert


As a first timer to tarot readings this experience exceeded all of my expectations. It was more than a reading, it was a life altering experience. Thorne’s passion and skillful knowledge of spirit oracles was apparent from the get-go. For anyone needing spiritual guidance, I would highly recommend Thorne’s services.

(Review left at my Facebook page: Spirit Oracle professional services by a dear friend ~ M. McCloskey-Becker)


Thorne is an amazingly intuitive spirit. The readings I have received have been powerful, life-path-shifting-shaping experiences, often revealing a series of deep truths, which are of course inherent to one’s being, yet sometimes obscured through the lens of everyday reality. I have experienced the fruition of manifestations and path affirmations which came to surface during the readings. I distinctly remember connecting with Mr.Thorne a little more than a year ago. We talked of pathwork and manifestations. Looking back on my journey, I have already come such a long way in the direction I set out to be in. I also remember discussing certain symbols and plant and animal spirits, which have appeared to be significant in my life, which were first revealed in our readings.

The spirit work Throne does is amazingly inspiring, channeling higher wisdom in the most beautiful of ways. A reading from Throne will truly reveal that which you need to receive from Spirit.

I remember talking with yew about my path in teaching and working with youth, about my personal struggles of spirit, shedding of the past, of the meaning of true healing and letting go. We talked about the Madrone spirit and finding a wand. I found a Madrone Wand which now lives along side my alter. I have grown in body.mind/spirit in so many beneficial ways. The spirit of Madrone has been significant for me, so significant that I chose to adopt the name Madrone as my fae and common name!

Thank you so much for re-affirming and helping and empowering my personal path process! ~*~

(Testimonial from a dear woo tribe community friend and member ~ Madrone Six)


I have been beyond impressed with the readings I have received from Mr. Thorne. He is deeply intuitive & compassionate, finding a way to help remind my spirit of its old ways & gently teach me how bridge a gap for me to reopen myself to my true spiritual path & find my way back to living in the Divine Flow. I would highly recommend Thorne’s services to anyone seeking guidance or insight in their life. His excitement & energy is infectious, I have left each reading from him feeling elated & grounded deeper in an understanding of what my spirit is really looking for & how to achieve it. Words cannot fully express how much gratitude I have for having been introduced to him & his sacred Fae spirit. Thank you Thorne! You are amazing!


(this is a review via my Facebook page: Spirit Oracle Professional Services ~ written by a friend, C. St. John)


Because I’m. .um. .let’s say, not so good with computers or their goings on, I’m going to leave this here. Please distribute as you see fit! In February we asked Mr.Thorne to please be our officiant for our wedding in December and he very graciously agreed. We were thrilled! Then one day in April life happened, as it does, and we decided for a medical concern, that it needed to happen sooner. Like, in 4 days! We didn’t even know if Mr. Thorne would be in town but we messaged him and thankfully he was and agreed to marry us. Again we were thrilled, just elated! He met us at a beautiful park and we had a very small ceremony. He was so magical and joyful and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better! We’re still having our “big” wedding in December and he will be marrying us again. We feel blessed to have his presence twice on days that mean so much to us and to be able to call him a friend. Thank you!


This is a testimonal from a dear friend Becca Hurley ~ truly appreciated and twas lovely to be reminded of this and so blessed to witness both becca and her husband Michael Hurley grow with love and their relationship. Magick afoot always!

“You won’t regret it!”

It is difficult to express the profound effect my tarot reading with Mr. Thorne had on me. Being totally attuned to my spirit’s needs, he addressed the precise areas in which I was seeking guidance. The result of our meeting was that I experienced a deep and all encompassing reconnection with my life’s path. If you ever have the opportunity to work with him, take it! You won’t regret it! I look forward to working with him again.”

-Kellie Wachtel

“… lit the path to turning them back into tools and focus my energy into creating opportunity out of chaos.”

When I met Mr. Thorne, I recognized them as a wise person and knew that we each had something to learn from the other.  It didn’t take long for us to find common ground with astrology.  I found that Mr. Thorne has an innate understanding of natal charts, as well as how current planetary alignments affect a person’s individual journey.  Mr. Thorne doesn’t pretend to know specifics; Their understanding lies in knowing what medicines (animal, creative/expressive, plant, food, herbs, water, etc) can help a person through specific situations, with little information about the situation.

I was coming into my own empathic abilities and understanding more about the “big picture” of my own life purpose when we met.  It was at the beginning of a transformation in my life where I had started to not just follow, but to really trust my intuition.  Not long after, I went through a period of questioning that trust, because the circumstances of my life didn’t appear to be following the path that I had pictured.  Mr. Thorne’s guidance helped me to regain my trust in myself by guiding me to see that my purpose didn’t lie in a specific outcome, but in the journey itself.  This enabled me to focus and start slowly honing my own understanding of how my life so far has led me to see my past experiences as building blocks and my current circumstances as a canvas in which I can create my experience rather than obstacles.

The guidance I received from Mr. Thorne showed me how I had turned my own assets into liabilities in my life, and lit the path to turning them back into tools and focus my energy into creating opportunity out of chaos.  Mr. Thorne helped me uncover some beliefs that I had been holding onto which had been blocks, and gave me assignments to help me shift back to flow and embrace my shadow side.  These assignments have so far allowed me to reconnect with pieces of myself that I had buried in grief, anger, and shame so I could begin to forgive myself and continue trusting my own intuition.

– Adela Wilcox

“… good touch and intuition with multiple modes of divination, which he will use in line with your personal situation.”

Thorne is a gentle soul with an incredible ability to pull out the hidden stories of your path. He will weave into your reading elements of mythology, animal lore, astrology, and more. Thorne has a good touch and intuition with multiple modes of divination, which he will use in line with your personal situation. You will most likely come away from a reading with Thorne carrying a lot of good information to reflect on and guide you.

– Tadhg Laakso

“…longitudinal guidance and clarity in a pinch alike.”

My readings with Thorne are the most profound I have ever received. Thorne’s tarot and oracle readings have offered me both longitudinal guidance and clarity in a pinch alike. He is able to intuit where I am experiencing difficulty with consistent accuracy and expansive awareness, and offers council on how best to navigate both my inner and outer landscapes. He is also a skilled storyteller, unveiling myths, symbologies, animal wisdom, and folklore drawn from diverse cultures to weave seamlessly into my own realities.These stories always ring true for me, and are just the medicine I need in each moment. Thorne delivers deep insight with compassion, vision, and playfulness; I always feel seen and held during our readings. I highly recommend working with Thorne.

– Darby Jones

“…definitely get a double reading from them in any form…”

Thorne is a much trusted advisor when it comes to my spiritual needs. Every reading is insightful and accurate. They read with compassion and complete understanding as to what is said by the spirits and by the divination used. If you can, definitely get a double reading from them in any form that feels good to you. It is always worth the money for the helpful insight they can offer!!

– Bryony

“The rune readings are still accurate years later.”

Thorne is a compassionate and perceptive guide in emotional and spiritual matters.  He provides insight and support in my difficult life decisions and emotional self-care.  I re-read some of our conversations from years ago before writing this testimonial, and I’m surprised how the rune readings are still accurate years later.

~Sarah T.

“… easing discomfort in all the bodies – physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual.”

Thorne has been a Spiritual guide to me for a while now. He is always willing to help me through things, and to answer my questions regarding things such as animal medicine. He has read my natal astrological chart with much insight and great detail, and has great knowledge with Spiritual medicine. His online posts include great knowledge from numerous philosophies and Spiritual backgrounds. From Pagan to Native American knowledge, Animal Medicine to Greek and Roman Mythology, he guides to help EnLighten and assist in easing discomfort in all the bodies – physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual. A great Spirit to go to for assistance, guidance, compassion, non-judgement, and a beautiful outlook on life!

Blessings of Love and Light!

– Jake Roberson

“Each time I get a reading from Thorne I experience an amount of perspective that is incredible and life changing.”

Thorne and I began working together about a year ago. During that time I have been blessed to receive a variety of readings from him including many Oracle Card readings utilizing the wisdom of different decks based on intuition, an Astrology reading, and a Rune Reading.  Each time I get a reading from Thorne I experience an amount of perspective that is incredible and life changing.  Thorne’s readings are wonderful for life events, Ancestor work, astrology, guidance from Spirit Guides, working with the Elements, past lives work, coming into your power, navigating the Wheel of the Year and what significance it holds in your life, really anything that is going on for you will be made more clear with a reading from Thorne.  I would highly recommend getting on-going readings, I have found once a month to be extremely helpful.  I have so much love and gratitude for the work Thorne does, very valuable and intuitive insight.

– Melody Pace, Licensed Massage Therapist, owner of Body Alchemy Healing Arts.

“… benefited from Thorne’s readings and other spirit work for 5+ years.”

I have received and benefited from Thorne’s readings and other spirit work for 5+ years. His readings resonate DEEP. As Thorne grows his readings reflect greater knowledge and increased insight. He knows how to listen as well as when to clarify and when to hold space while I think and allow the cards and his wisdom to sink in. He is open to questions, humorous, compassionate, and gentle. He will also remind me (with love) when he is sharing the same wisdom with me that he’s shared in the past. This is a trait I value greatly.

Whether you are seeking long-term guidance or quick counsel I highly recommend Thorne.


“A Lightworker’s Advisor”

Can I just say wow,….? It took an incredibly long time for me to realise and own my gifts. Even being from a spiritually aware family, I was underserved and not well looked after magickally. Thorne came into my life at a pivotal time, when I had very little trust to offer anyone who could help me. What I appreciated most was the incredible insight and gentleness available, without even prompting explanations on my part. He was more than able to see my journey and encourage me to embark on it. Thorne is beyond amazing, he is a standard that is difficult for the naked eye to even measure. His value and spiritual assets are a currency that cannot be spoken, simply felt. The quality of service he brings to the table is immeasurable, it is not something I see often as a professional. I would recommend Thorne to anyone, for any reason.  They are a guide to other guides out there.

– Priestess, C. Gorgeous Anetherzine, Consulting Oracle & Spiritual Counsel, Northwest, USA

“They always make sure their client is comfortable, and in a good space energetically for a reading.”

Always only good things to say about my experiences with Thorne! I have had several card readings with Thorne, and I must say their intuition surprises me each time. With access to many different kinds of decks, Thorne has the uncanny ability to choose the perfect deck that resonates with one’s energy, and the task at hand. Thorne is very knowledgeable concerning the many different setups of the decks and the cycle and process of turning over the cards.They also have several ways they cleanse the deck before and after each session.  

Thorne’s intuition is evident not only in their interpretation of the cards directly, but also how they apply to one’s situation. They always make sure their client is comfortable, and in a good space energetically for a reading. 

I love to watch Magick work. Watching Thorne reading cards is like watching someone read another language; its complicated and beautiful! I would suggest anyone looking for an intuitive reading go to Thorne! They are truly a Magickal Being, and readings are simply one of their many fortes.

– Vanessa/ Faae Leaf

“I’ve found his reading technique to be extremely thorough and engaged with my energy and presence,…”

Knowledgeable and proficient in numerous styles of reading, including Tarot, Oracle, Fairie, and Runes, Thorne has been an incredibly intuitive, sensitive, and professional reader of cards in my life. Seeking Thorne’s services for guidance in my personal and professional life, I’ve found his reading technique to be extremely thorough and engaged with my energy and presence, and the readings have been powerful and illuminating in offering clarity to my relationship with work, lovers, and myself. Engaging clients in their personal introspection, Thorne is extremely conscientious of his clients and their interests and questions they bring to the table. Thorne’s work is full of heart, passion, and dedication, and I highly recommend his experience and skillset for anyone seeking some guidance from cards or palm reading in their life journey.

“…one of the most talented and intuitive woo workers I’ve ever met.”

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Thorne for some months now, and I can say that he is one of the most talented and intuitive woo workers I’ve ever met. His insightful, compassionate readings and caring attitude surpass any of reader I’ve ever had. He truly takes the time to listen and give honest, thoughtful feedback. He is a blessing!

– April Walls

“… passionate teacher, and an encyclopedia of knowledge of mythology and symbology…”

Thorne is not only a deeply intuitive and engaging reader of many kinds of tarot, and undeniably psychic– he is also a passionate teacher, and an encyclopedia of knowledge of mythology and symbology that spans many ancient cultures; from which he will draw at any point in time during a reading.  A session with him is both healing and educational in this way.  This is not your average ‘psychic’ or card reader.  He’s deeply compassionate, even with the darkest of subjects, and cuts to the core of any emotional or spiritual blockage with palpable warmth, integrity, and love.  In his presence, I always feel held by a force bigger and deeper than in a normal psychic reading, making him a rare gem.  When I look back, knowledge that Thorne intuitively perceived about my path has come to pass many times, and I’ve always benefited from taking his advice.  I have worked with him for years, and consider him to be an indispensable healer/teacher and spiritual resource in my life.  I’d recommend him and his work to any eager truth-seeker.  

– James Panther: Astrologer/Counselor, and artist @ PANTHYR

“If you are seeking insight about anything that is hidden, subtle, or out of the ordinary…he is the one to ask. “

Hello all, it is with pleasure that I recommend Mr. Thorne’s healing and woo work to anyone who is called.

If you are seeking insight about anything that is hidden, subtle, or out of the ordinary…he is the one to ask.

Thorne will be able to give you insight which you will not be able to get from just anywhere.  He helps you discover the truths, lies, desires, fears and other secrets which you have hidden from your self.

Wherever you are at in your path, Thorne has something to offer you- from the most lighthearted of questions to the most extreme, desperate, confusing situations- Thorne can offer insight through his readings.  I have received many, many reading from Thorne over the years and I can attest to his clarity of insight. 

Do not deny this gift of yourself which will help you boost your personal growth work!  

Blessed be and happy growth journeys!
– Copper HeartFire OwlHawk