The ancestors and their nearness….

The Ancestors have really been felt super close by me, much much close than ever before…. It makes total sense though; lots has been coming up to surface for me as well as people in general/specific, as I’ve observed out of late….

Ancestral wounds are often transmitted from one generation to the next in a recurring pattern until one of the descendants realizes they can heal that ancestral wound so the pattern isn’t transmitted any more. Sometimes the wounds are obvious and in a “duh this needs to be healed somehow”. Most times, these ancestral wounds, patterns or cycles are dormant until being activated in one particular way or otherwise. It can be karmic at times in these. Others may be evolutionary. It really varies with each person’s life line in the Now-Present as well as traced through the Ancestral lines on both sides, maternal and paternal. 

I’ve been doing on-going ancestral wound healing woo work on deep levels via my biological/human maternal line. It’s definitely not been easy since it’s taken some hard conversations surrounding particular layers which I’ve had to excavate, similar to how an archaeologist does at sacred sites. Bones, stories, unravelling, cutting threads, binding wounds, putting them to rest. Making these wounds sacred in the process. The word ‘sacrifice’ means in the root: to make sacred. I feel this in particular resonates in a rather deeeep way, often in vulnerable, raw space. It takes a rather brave heart to undertake this kind of woo work. It is not for the faint of heart… Yet, tis such a empowering way to heal these wounds of the ancestors so they can be more at peace as well as for me to move forward in a right-balance-relationship in all ways along my current path unfolding….

I’ve realised that the more I do this personal work, cutting through the fears, rawness, emotionally difficult landscapes traversed, and coming through to the other sides, stronger and more whole in the Self, making my way in Love, not Fear… That this is precious work being done, that my descendants will inherit a better legacy from me. My heart rejoices at this thought. 

In a different nuance, I learned that tigers eye stone and grapes are gifts for Jewish ancestors at their grave sites. I’m grateful for learning this from my dear fellow witch woo worker-heart connection (mega gratitudes, bear!!!)

There’s more that I will touch upon in the ancestral vein as this journey unfolds….


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