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hello folx!

Today, I received a important message from the Universe…. I need to ensure that in order for more of a streamlined approach to finances and being in right relationship with clients as well as honoring my personal needs within how I provide these services for those who have need of them… It’s come to my attention – with this message I received today from the Universe – that it is imperative for payments to be done right there, in the moment,  and/or at the agreed time we schedule, then…. after the payment is received by me, I will be able to provide the service that the client is interested in.

It isn’t easy for me to address topics such as these …. Though, it felt important because I care and want to be of the best service possible with the clients who come to me. Honesty, transparency, and healthy boundaries/communication are all super important in this space of service, I feel.

………. On a different note:

Ive noticed there is a bit of difficulty for Canadian clients to wire me money via online since our bank systems are different. It may be best for Canadian clients to send me payments via post mail for the times being until I’m able to figure out another option.

I normally don’t give my post address out unless if I know that person well and/or feel I can trust the transaction to be done well and the post address information to held strictly in private terms; not given out to other people who I don’t know outside of the healer-client relationship. This is part of why I emphasize to keep it private due to trust and honoring the healer-client relationship in a good wayi . I feel this to be quite reasonable of a request I’d make with the client.

………… On yet a different note …..

I purchased a new book the other day, “The Soul of Money Reclaiming the wealth of our inner resources” by Lynne Twist. This book grabbed my attention when I was browsing the economics and finances section at Powells bookstore on Hawthorne street. Another book discussing sacred economics was referred to me and I found my new book while I was in search for that sacred economics textbook. This book- soul of money – resonated with me much more so I decided to go with the flow  and bought it. I feel this is a worthwhile investment as I continue to deepen and align how to relate in better ways with money and income-abundance flows into more of a steady vein. It’ll be interesting to see what comes to light for me with this book.


That’s all my thoughts for now. More to come soon!

Mr. Thorne


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