The Witch’s broom…. Part two

Autumn equinox portal magicks have been working deep and strong… For sure, I feel this soon coming full moon/lunar eclipse in Aries will be a powerful flow of Magick afoot. Indeed…

I mentioned that I’d continue thoughts and musings on the witch’s broom in my recent post so here they are….

Last year winter, I crafted and wove together two witch brooms, one for myself and one for my love. I used a very similar patterning of woods, yarn, and other pieces for both brooms. Though, both are a bit different in the Spell workings involved…

For mine, I wove a spell into my broom to call my Traveler home/hearth to manifest into this physical plane of Being with me. I burned my broom at Beltaine this recent summer since it felt the right time to release that spell and allow the energies to start moving through the ethers into becoming manifest….

Since then, the energies have been gathering and still weaving together…. One big step was taken recently in the weaving together – I said YES to a Vardo Traveler home/hearth to be built next autumn, 2016. That felt really good. I trust the next steps will continue to fall into place as the year unfolds and spins through the months ahead….

The broom I crafted together for my love? I spelled in the magicks and wishes of home & hearth among other threads to always dwell with them wherever they go and pitch camp. They’re a Traveler as I am. It felt like a special gift for me to make for them…. considering it was my first broom other than mine to create.

It is a powerful symbol of Magick when a broom is gifted and received between two witches and/or magicky folx, especially if there’s a Deep bond of hearts between them.

Now, as the seasons have been turning, it’s started getting colder here at where I am currently…. The stirrings to craft another broom have been felt and I plan to do this soon. I also plan to craft a wand. It feels important and I want to honor both of these processes.

How to craft a witch’s broom? The basics: gather enough birch or another kind of wood that is flexible such as willow for the sweep part of the broom, then the handle/staff is to be a hard, sturdy kind of wood. Oak, hazel, ash or something similar is good. For the binding, this can be various kinds of approaches – yarn, string, willow bark, or something else that feels right for you.

I used a lot of red yarn/string as red is the color of protection (among other things it represents) for the broom bindings. Also, I find that red is a really good root color for any kind of craft or ritual work – in my own personal experiences.

Remember, each broom is unique to the person who is crafting it. Not all brooms will resonate with one person. Each person has their own energy signature. The same goes for with the broom.

In a way, we can refer to Harry Potter. How so? With in how Ollivander, the wand maker, tells Harry that the wand chooses the witch or wizard, not the other way around.

How one witch or wizard chooses to craft their broom will not be the same as another one will choose to honor their broom making experience and process. That is the Magic of it – all these different elements, possibilities, visions and intentions crafted in myriad ways.


For instance, one of my favorite autumn observances? When the market trader joes starts selling their cinnamon brooms, it feels good to get a small one for my car and pop it onto my car dashboard altar. Plus, the smell of cinnamon, ah. Yum!


I’ve been sitting more deeper with my current recent ephinany about the broom being a two-spirit Magic tool. This is a powerful realization for me, I feel, in deeper, subtler nuances currently. More will unfold with this in time as it is meant to.

More thoughts soon!

Blessings be,

-mr. Thorne

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