Thursday-yesterday: 21st August 2014

Yesterday was a day of magick, all around!

feeling grateful for the moments and flow of Magicks that brought themselves to happen. Yesterday started out by my going to a dear friend’s shop- in the light of doing space woo consulting- then we talked about what I sensed as I did the space sussing out. All good,then I asked her about a coffee shop by name of Valhalla coffee roasters, and she said its soooooo good. So, I decided to check it out. Also, nice since it was a stone’s throw of a walk down from my friend’s shop. There was this old world feel to the sign inside the cafe Valhalla. Liked it indeed! The coffe, quite excellent! Yumm!

the name Valhalla: I had a fleeting moment of thinking on how in Norse trad, Valhalla is considered the Hall of the honored dead, especially heroes who have proved themselves true in battle and otherwise. Valkyries, the mistresses who are in service for Valhalla, they are the ones charged by Odin to bring these heroes home to the Hall. These heroes are celebrated and honored by all including Odin. 

then, I moseyed on over to a new fave woo shop by name of crescent moon. There, I wanted to get a book I’ve had my eye on for quite a long while now. I read it before, of course, yet it felt right to get it now. While browsing the other books- another book caught my eye. No wonder I didn’t notice it last time. It’s a simple but jam-packed info book on the runes. I had been wanting a visual, easy on the eyes book re. Runes. Most of the books I’ve browsed about runes tend to be very long-winded in the writing style, very little if any pictures at all. This one, it fit the bill, exactly what I needed! Funny how the Universe answers in unexpected ways. Grateful in the price fitting my budget too!

i had to browse this Runes book first, of course, before deciding to buy it as well. It hit home on several levels so a clear yes on it for to buy. One thing that resonated deep was when I read that hawthorn is the sister tree to/with blackthorn, that felt right in how that appeared in my minds eye and the texture, energy of how that was expressed. Tasted good as well 😉

another thing that happened at crescent moon shop, one of the ladies who work there- she looked at me and commented that she liked the style of my outfit I had on. Felt nice to receive the kind word of that; it was random yet so nice. I freely confess that I’ve had my own challenges around receiving compliments. It’s gotten better as the years go on, though. It also felt really affirming to receive what she said, why. It didn’t feel like she was questioning my gender or otherwise. It’s like she was Seeing, witch to witch. Yayee.

after that, I drove on back towards my dear friend name Crystal’s house… On the way, I stopped at this park which I had felt pulled to stop by but didn’t earlier this week. I’m glad I followed thru this time. Met some pretty wild flowers, this gorgeous red cedar tree, a birch tree or two. Met also a new tree friend where all the roots were covered up by all layers of mosses, grass patches, etc. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling when I touched these ares with gentleness. It just reinforced the truth of how Amazing my Mother, Nature, is at Her finest- taking back ground and showing the urban world no matter how humans try to destroy or change the ground, Nature takes it back and makes it Hers again. Just a feeling of wonder, gratitude, and joy in that powerful thought. Wow. And, the feeling of humble-hearted ness of being Her kin, Her blood. 

Saw yellow weed flowers, red clover, thistle, thorn-berry bushes, and white milk weed type dandelion flower and was grateful to see the abundance of seeds on the red cedar tree. Felt heavy on their leaves. For whatever reason, I found myself fluffing the top of my head with one of the leaves which had agreed to cleanse my head out. Felt so good and lightened up of weighted down-ness. Yay 🙂

also, to, the red cedar tree told me to take the stone which I noticed on the ground near her root, trunk side. Why. To put the Rune for health and healing in blue and green on there for my dear friend Crystal. I just had to laugh a bit, no kidding in being put to work! 😉

that’s my thoughts for now. More soon!

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