*** tips: how to work with low vibration energies ***



This article discusses how to work with negative energies. I prefer/use the word low vibrations since i feel the binary vocabulary referring to positive/negative energy doesnt quite capture clearly whats already been evolving quickly regarding the energy world and realms…. High/Low vibrations feels more appropriate in my personal feeling related to this. Why? Perhaps, it is due to my being a empath as well as highly sensitive creature myself with sensory flows of intuition/knowings rather than audio related. It could be a combination of many threads. Anyway, the point: my intrinstic understanding and resonance relates with the visual pictures of High/Low vibrations and energies.

Yours may be different and how your brain processes vocabulary. That is more than okay!

Just know the energy shiftings unfolding currently are BIG right now and to be patient, kind, and compassionate with your self since you’ll notice both on conscious and subconscious levels of rewiring as well as repatterning on many levels including cellular, psychic, intuitive, etc.

Much love and blessings!

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