*** Toronto, Canada to Vancouver, Canada ***

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These photos were taken in-flight from Toronto, Canada to Vancouver, Canada. Such beauty! Im grateful i was able to see such magic like this: clouds, sunset sky colors, the glorious Aquarius Full Moon, some star constellations, and the great swath of land and water that creates Canada as the country that She is.

It was truly refreshing to have a change in the air and breathe fresh air here at Vancouver BC ~ after deboarding from the plane, picking up one of my travel bags, then getting outside and waiting for my transport ride. Wow. the air felt and tasted and smelled FRESH. Rejuvenating coolness that resonated deeply to me. Thank goodness!

Currently, im going thru re-entry with my return to Vancouver and will be busy the next couple days, on and off basis. Thankees you for the understanding and much appreciated!

Side note: If you want to schedule a session with me within the next couple weeks, then please keep in mind about timing since i will be travelling still towards late Aug then again in early to mid September. I look forward to faciliate some lovely and powerful magicky sessions with yall!

Blessings be and i will post again on here next week.


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