*** Toronto, Canada woo work workshops!!! ***

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Hullo you wonderful folx!

Here are the woo work workshops im offering via Deaf Spectrum while im here at Toronto, Canada this week.

Im truly grateful to Sage Lovell and their wonderful team at Deaf Spectrum for setting up the event forums via social media (Facebook). Much appreciated and thankees you!!

All the info is located in each event via Facebook ~ look up Deaf Spectrum for these events specifically. Ive also posted and shared via my Facebook (secret) woo work group: Spirit Oracle as well as to my Facebook woo work page: Spirit Oracle professional services.

Please be aware that these workshops are not for free. There is a sliding scale for $ payment exchange as well as a trade list available. Your generous support in whatever forms are much welcomed and appreciated, indeed. Gratitudes in advance 🙂

It will be great to see yall there!


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