*** TORONTO, Canada ~ workshops & readings available! ***

*** hey TORONTO folx!!! ***

I will be in your lovely city for a few weeks!

I’m arriving the 19th August, this month, and sojourning for about 3-ish weeks into september…. <3

I’d absolutely love to offer some of my magicky work services while sojourning there… my woo work services range from tarot to energy healings to workshops… and… thats just the surface of it! 😉

If youre curious, then please do get in touch with me sooner than later & lets book a session/workshop! I work with both individuals, small groups, and/or community event scenarios.

Please inquire within for my rates, payment options, schedule time availability, etc!

My woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

My woo work email: heartofoak8@gmail.com

I’m looking forward to co creating some magik with yall!
~ Blessings ~


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