Traveling season unfolding and my cosmic map!

Hey y’all,
It’s been a while, I know. Many thoughts and feels have been passing through since my last post on here. I’ve been feeling so much much much gratitude for the new possibilities and opportunities now starting to manifest through different threads and flows….

Now, you may be curious: what do I mean by my cosmic map? Well…. It’s this: my cosmic map is lighting up more now with places/folx that/who are beckoning for me to bring my magicks and medicines … More of a feeling in my bones and heart that this traveling season that is portending on the winds now calling…. This will be quite a Soul defining turn in my woo work and life paths, both, in different ways….

I’m slow-steadily becoming excited to see how, where, and when these beckonings will manifest into Reality… At this point, it looks like in late-ish Feb, I’ll be heading down to California -the Bay Area-then eastwards to the East Coast; several places lighting up big time on the cosmic map for that… Then possibly if stars align just right, I’ll find myself back in the Bay Area in mid-ish March, then continue north back to Portland, OR for a bit of Tyme prior to more travels awaiting me….

More will be posted on this soon once details start to fall more into place! It’ll be quite a Turning indeed with this traveling season unfolding Deeper…. I feel this in a strong, sure way.

I will write more soon!
Blessings be,
Mr. Thorne

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