Trees, water, birds, Gaea. Part two.

Here’s part two….

as I watched the ducks and met the spirits of the first twin lake, I noticed that the second lake wasn’t visible so I decided to wander a bit, going with the land-feel of things. Sure enough, the second lake was hidden from immediate view; it struck my curiosity in that. It felt really great to just walk among the trees, part of the way-barefoot and part of the way- with sandals on. Just feeling the myriad layers around me: the lake water scents, how the earth felt to my bare feet, touching/being held by some of the tree folk, how the sandy soil and lake water felt as I waded abut in the second twin lake, the sensation how it felt using a leaf to clean out sand out of my sandals, tasting the sweet-tang of foraged blackberries, talking with maidenhair fern, receiving the gifts of Gaea….

ive noticed my relationships with the land has really shifted in HUGE ways since last autumn-winter’s turning of season…. It definitely feels like I’m experiencing my Mother, Nature, in ways I’ve never dreamed of possible……and I’m really living it in the Now…with feeling such gratitude and honor in witnessing this Now going through Her rebirthing into a new Now. Woah. Magicks like never before experienced in this life thus far. 

I started noticing the subtlety of this shift in some certain ways when I was in England, after my Samhain journey in Wales, then it immediately started amplifying in more visible ways upon returning  Stateside to the east coast. When I was on the train trekking westwards, there was this moment where we passed through the Midwest through to Montana then over through WA to OR… Anyway, ’twas in the Midwest where I could feel the land talking to me- telling me of many stories, heartaches, blood spilled, places where bones of Mother Earth need to be put to rest and healed in the right relationship way. I also felt a song being gifted to me from these lands where so much blood has been spilled, tears not put to rest yet, etc. mainly of the Trail of Tears. 

This was a powerful and deeply felt Shift in my bodies – how I felt my Native ancestors cried, mourned, and carried the bones of their dead and ancestors with them all the way from the East band Cherokee lands to the government run reservations. The song speaks of how that destruction, heartbreak, ancestral wounds happened then it flows into the place of hope for healing and a return of right place/ relationship of the people. 

My human dad’s line of ancestors hail from east band Cherokee and Powahatan (the same tribe where Pocahantas comes from- through her mixed son, who is identified as the ancestor of that line which my bio dad comes through)….. 

Since then, the relationships I have with Nature, as my true Mother, has radically shifted. I find myself becoming wayyyyyy more sensitive with all the elements, how the choose to talk and be with me, my working relationships as a witch with the elements in this human body I inhabit, becoming Deeper in-tune with my bodies- how they want to walk on this Earth Mother….. 

How I want to do more simple magicks yet they are amplified in distilled, purer, raw forms of energy than in the past. How my Dreamtime has shifted among many many many levels, including the Soul level. 

Today, at the twin lakes, I received more than just one woo download which was meant for me to receive. One gift out of several gifts I received today  from Gaea is part of a maidenhair fern that was sprawling and growing nearby the blackberry patch which I had felt the urge to forage, reveling in the sweet-tangy of the berries. Maidenhair fern has several varying meanings, feels for me. One is about clarity as from the DragonFae Oracle tarot deck I have… 

I feel much much gratitude for these gifts of Gaea which I received today. Wow. Blessings and magicks all around indeed. I’m thankful for Owl medicine directing me to notice the things which I did today. 

One last thought for now: 

as I tasted the sweet-tang of the blackberries, I could taste and feel the sun-drenched ness in the berries as well as I had the realization of I’m tasting part of the abundance that’s spilling into my path and the harvest I’m in the process of gathering, Soul-wise.  Woah. Powerful hit there. It also reminded me of something which one of my dear Jewish-Naraya tribe said to me when I showed them my current tattoo project which is unfolding… They said this tattoo is a reflection of the harvest I’m currently experiencing as well as a symbol of abundance of all kinds unfolding for me right now and ahead on my path. Another powerful hit there. Woah. Grateful for that. 

That’s my thoughts for now. More soon!

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