Trees. Water. Birds. Sun. Gaia.

Today, i spent some time communing with twin lakes at a park up in WA. This was the perfect way to ground down after giving two readings via tarot for two persons as well as receive some needed woo downloads. There were ducks, one goose, one sea gull, and then later, I saw a crow (or raven) alight on top of one of the evergreen trees. 

Bird medicines have been speaking on waaaaaaaay deep levels with me, more so now than ever before. It started deepening around last year, October-November-ish….. When I left the west coast for the east coast (stateside) then to the United Kingdom then return Stateside to the east coast, then train across to the west coast. Ever since then, it’s become bigger, more prevalent, and one of my several most constant Spirit companions. 

Duck medicine, as I’ve interacted with it over the past few years – I’ve observed it’s three-spiritedness in different ways; earth, water, and air. It walks on earth, swims in water, and flies on the winds. In a similar way, I’ve been integrating my own three spiritedness- feminine, masculine and Spirit interweaving all  of it into a whole new Self unfolding, especially with my choosing to come out in a truly authentic, intentional way of two spirited gender identity as part of my multifaceted self and masculine pronouns embodying in a more clear, refined way now than in the past.

ive been receiving affirmations and confirmations from varying directions especially out of late in how my three spiritedness is reflecting out to the worlds that I walk in betwixt. I’m heart-grateful in a no-words way to Spirit for bringing these right when it’s much needed in my path.

Prior to my leaving Portland, OR on this current precursor to what’s coming ahead-journey, I reconnected with a old witch friend of mine. We went to one of my favorite Portland parks so I could transmit a reading for her. After the reading session was done, she touched upon how it seems to her that I feel really androgynous, that she sees both the male/female in me, that if feel really balanced, very centered in Self of Soul. My heart wanted to cry in joy and my Soul felt really blessed to receive these generous words – to feel very much witnessed as I’m currently hitting the final cycle of integrating my transition of human to Fae in Soulhood. 

Ive been feeling the pulls and calls of my ancestral lands, where my Fae lines as well as human lines hail from. I was in Cardiff, Wales during Samhain last year. That’s my witches new year holiday. Amazing deep deeep magicks awoke things in me, ancient magicks of the lands stirred up in me, and I knew right then I’d have to return to continue the cycling that spilled open there. I feel it will be this years wheel turning that I will return to do that work. 

Back to today’s adventures of magick, I had to laugh and wonder in how Spirit brings things to mind and signs give a glimmer of what’s possible – I was invited to my new friend (who I read for today earlier)’s birthday gathering which will be taking place during Samhain, up in sequim, WA. I haven’t been up to the Olympic Peninsula including Sequim since I parted ways with an ex-lover of mine. Again, I had to chuckle and wonder in how Spirit brings these things to pass. It feels like a great opportunity to put that old lover-heart wound to rest as well as open up to a new Turning in creating-manifesting deeper-truer abundance in a sustainable income as I am opening up to a spiraling outer wards cycle in being the traveller-witch-medicine worker I am, wandering from place to place- in the flow of Spirit, trusting the Winds and my own spreading of wings to soar beyond where I’ve been and am currently traversing through…

that’s just a wee glimpse of the multiple lenses I’ve been experiencing and sitting with from today… More shall come from this. Stay tuned…. 😉

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