*tues 3 may ~ weds 4 may *

Hullo folx!

I took a last minute trip down to southern Oregon; wolf creek, to be specific. Why? well, beltaine energy called me as well as i felt it important to connect with specific folx on the land there when they were there at the same time as i would be there. Im glad i went even if a whirlwind short time there.

I got back in yesterday monday night late and pretty much crashed a few hours after that. Today has been day one of decompression process for me while im also sorting out plans for east coast travels! My targeted spots so far on the list: 1) washington DC, 2) New York, and 3) Vermont….. I was asked to present at the Pride Center at Vermont.What a honor! im excited to give that with Deaf families, etc. More details on that soon!


New Moon in Taurus coming up on the 6th april. Themes of abundance, money, wealth, manifesting among others will and may already have started to trickle in during this current mercury retrograde. Im curious to see what shall unfold here during that. hmm.


On a different page, this new moon is all about reassessing our values/wants/desires/needs, letting go of old stories that dont serve us around money or abundance topics. More on this soon too!

Blessings and gnite for now,


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