TWAC’ and Olympia trip

Hey yall,
I was out of town this recent weekend due to being up in Olympia, WA for a benefit fundraiser which I had committed to. It was a really great experience; I’m super glad I went and it felt very more than good to offer my readings there. I ended up offering four readings – all of them were powerful and drenched with a lot of energy, considering it was the same day of the new moon in Aries unfolding. All in all, it was a successful benefit fundraiser!

There was about $344 raised! The funds will go towards the wellness care tent and interpreter access for this summer’s TWAC cascadia weekend out in the woods. Wheee!

If you’re curious what TWAC means, then it’s an acronym for trans’ and/ or women’s action camp. For more info:

On a different note:
I got back into Portland (OR) last night-Sunday. I’m still in landing mode and already looking ahead to this week’s activities and preparations I’ll be making prior to leaving town next week! What’s next? Beltaine gathering at wolf creek radical faerie sanctuary down in southern Oregon. I’m looking forward to offering some of my woo work services there – as I always do as part of my reach-around when I’m in gathering space.

If you’re curious about wolf creek radical faerie sanctuary then check this out:… More info is there.

I’ll write up some more news in another post soon!
Mr. Thorne

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