Two islands. Ferry boat. Stone circle. Lighthouse.

The two islands: Vashon and Maury. They’re not far from where I stayed previously at the Algona/Pacific area (before heading down Tacoma), WA. It meant tho a ferry ride would be involved in this adventure that I went on with a dear friend, name J. This island adventure was much needed by her and me. We had both our individual and mutual intentions for this island excursion. 

Ferry boats have many meanings for me, including how they can be a transport between portals and such… The last time I was on a ferry boat prior to this one was when I went to the United Kingdom back in 2003-ish, when I took the ferry/hover boat to the Isle of Wight- after taking a train ride out of Barcelona, Spain to Calais ( I think?), France then the ferry from Calais to Southampton, England, then the hover boat/ferry to Isle of Wight. That was quite a journey in itself, yet so worth it when I arrived to Isle of Wight. It was a magickal place there. Absolutely loved it there; so much that I want to return there again. 

Then, before that, the ferry experience I had was the one where my University 3-week study abroad group took a ferry from holyhead island to Dublin, Ireland. It was like returning home for me since I had been to Ireland one time before that in my human teens. It was night when we arrived in Dublin, Ireland on that ferry. What I remember most is the ferry ride leaving from Ireland to return back to holyhead. That was a difficult moment for me. I remember that I stayed outside on the deck watching the land/horizon of Ireland become smaller and smaller as we ferried away from there – til it became a very thin line of land barely visible then I went inside the ferry. It had felt like I was leaving my homeland in a way, a Soul-home. And, dare to say, I could really empathize with the Irish emigrants who immigrated to America during the Famine years, leaving all the knew and held in their hearts…

I determined to return back home since that time to Ireland. It wasn’t time manifest until last year, the stirrings and Calls of the Irish land started coming into my dream time and other levels of Feeling and Knowings. I had intended to return home to Ireland for Samhain last year, especially to honor my bio dad’s ancestors land/ places; it wasn’t meant to be which was hard on my heart yet made total sense for me to be in Cardiff, South Wales instead for Samhain last year. While I was there at Cardiff, I realized that being at South Wales was meant to happen for different reasons as well as it was to be a stepping stone to pave the way for my return to the UK this year, in the winter. Once I realised that, I became more assured and able to focus on what Cardiff wanted to share of its magicks with me while there for Samhain. 

Anyhow, back to the point: Vashon and Maury islands! It was a perfect day for that adventure, weather-wise, etc. J and I decided to go with the flow of things. We drove for a bit, then stopped in the main area of Vashon town. It’s a charming area; lots of vintage shops mixed with mundane needs-shops, bars, etc. we decided to stop in at Snapdragon cafe. Perfect choice, why? Tasty food, drink, patio out back. We walked around for a bit after eating, then decided to head down to the light house that’s on Maury island. On the way, we stopped (at my asking) at this small island church- due to them having a labyrinth in the back of the church property. It was really what my body needed, to walk a labyrinth. It was created of grass, earthen style. Very different from the other labyrinths I’ve walked in the past. It felt soooo good to just walk it barefoot; I just followed what my body needed. Interesting to notice the subtle yet strongly felt shifts, energy resonances while walking this earthen labyrinth. There were some old cedar trees lining the pathway down to the labyrinth. Also, a small cemetery/memorial area was there by the labyrinth. That made sense to me and not surprised in a way to find the ancestors close in that particular space. 

After walking the labyrinth, J and I drove on to Maury island. Really interesting to see how the air smelled different and how it felt like a blink of eye crossing from island to island. Why? No obvious sign advertising the border or anything. Nice to feel it instead. 

We we arrived at where the light house is located after a wee bit of a hike down the trail from the car park. I met a lovely new-baby growing fern (maidenhair by its looks) on the way down. Felt like a good sign; also cool to see the difference of young and elder fern colors, etc. amazing to see how my Mother, Nature, creates the ecosystem especially out in the older woods… 🙂

the he lighthouse was located at Robinson point, I think. Lovely to see the skyline, view, walk along the path there, and see how old this lighthouse is. It was built in the early 1800’s, if memory serves right. Bit of a shame to see how “modern” society via technology has had a effect even at the lighthouse- by seeing the tower for communication and such. Bleh. 

I dipped my magic stone- gifted to me by a dear Faerie brother which he had received from Vashon island- in the water surrounding the shoreline near the lighthouse. Felt really good in a different way of feeling and present in body by wading a wee bit into the water. The water felt a bit cool yet warm. 🙂

then, after J and I finished at the lighthouse, we started trek-hiking back up to the car park… On the way up, we stopped by the stone circle. Just had a strong feeling it was a old witch circle; turns out my intuition, gut feeling resonated super big time the closer we got to the circle then when I stepped into the circle, woah! So much energy! Then, we noticed there was another stone structure a bit ways from circle. We speculated what it could’ve been… Maybe similar to a obelisk or ley line aligned structure like Stonehenge or Newgrange… Or perhaps a Masonic related structure relic? Intriguing! 

After that, we commenced our hike back to the car park. It was considered a good time to head back to the ferry so we could get on the last one leaving Vashon island. On the way, we encountered a deer, a young one by its looks, who had been run down. We veered to the left then got in right lane-road wise. I felt a mixture of such life abundant felt and seen on the island, then that dead deer. Wow! A powerful reminder that life and death are right there, hand-in-hand. Woah. Felt also relieved, grateful that I saw a driver stop to look at the deer. I had sent a wish and blessing that deer body would be put to rest in a Humane way or used in right relationship to feed a family who needs it and who can use the hide well. Phew. 

That’s my thoughts for now. More to come soon. 



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